‘Yellowstone’ Fans Still Can’t Get Over John and Jimmy’s Heartfelt Scene

Yellowstone Season 4’s finale brought one of the best episodes of the entire series, and John Dutton’s name-change for Jimmy was a true highlight.

Name change, you say? Is Jimmy no longer Jimmy? The answer to that is yes – and no – and it all comes courtesy of the scene Yellowstone fans still can’t get over.

Chatting up Season 4, Episode 10 on Reddit, Tue72347 posts to fellow Yellowstone viewers that:

John telling Jimmy he doesn’t owe him anything… Such a great a great scene.’

It’s a fantastic end to Jimmy’s arc on Yellowstone, and some of the best dialogue from John Dutton of the season. Within, Jimmy has returned from his hard work on Texas’ 6666. He’s home to repay his debts in full to the patriarch. But after seeing and hearing how much Jimmy has grown, John replies:

“The only one you owe is yourself, Jim.”

And it’s that one word, right there, that had this Outsider rooting for Jimmy for the first time in a long time. We’ve spent a lot of time watching Jimmy make horrible decisions. To see him keep his endearing nature (courtesy of actor Jefferson White) and mature into a capable man at the same time was a welcomed highlight of Yellowstone Season 4.

And it’s also exactly what John Dutton highlights when he calls the young man “Jim” instead of “Jimmy.” This simple name-change by John carries loads of dialogue in one word, and it couldn’t have been handled any better.

“Its the ‘Jim’ that got me,” agrees Redditor DadsGonnaKillMe. “Like, ‘Your a man now, not a boy. Jim is a Mans name… Go live your life.’”

Iluvtupperware echoes with: “And he called him Jim instead of Jimmy. It seems John “can raise” other peoples children to be decent people, but he doesn’t have as much luck with his own children except for Kayce who has basically rejected John’s lifestyle since his late teens.”

Well, can’t argue with that. But that’s a whole other can of worms for another time.

John Dutton Will Always Be King of ‘Yellowstone’ Scenes

To this end, BigFella52 reiterates the bigger picture for the scene. “I thought it was incredible in the sense that you could see/feel the respect gained by Jim from John,” the Redditor begins. “In life all you want to do is work hard and earn the respect from the people you admire and respect, to see this scene play out was just beautiful to me.”

Well said. As mentioned above, “It is a huge thing in life to grow up and mature. And I believe that John knew that Jim had repaid his ‘Jimmy debt’ by growing up and maturing. The working relationship between 6s and YS plays a factor to it,” BigFella concludes.

Couldn’t agree more. Here’s to hoping Jimmy – I mean Jim – keeps it up for Yellowstone spinoff 6666.

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