‘The Mandalorian’: Does Pedro Pascal Do His Own Stunts?

Pedro Pascal might be The Mandalorian‘s big leading star, but as fans will tell you, that doesn’t mean you see a whole lot of him. Due to his character, Din Djarin’s commitment to wearing his armor at all times, Pascal’s role has been limited to spoken dialogue.

This has left many fans curious about how much time Pascal even spends on the set of the hugely popular Star Wars series. Some dubious rumors have even cropped up regarding his dissatisfaction with not showing his face that much. Another question some may have: when he’s on set at all, how often does Pascal do his own stunts?

‘The Mandalorian’ and stunt work

The fact of the matter is that Pascal is hardly ever actually on set during the filming of The Mandalorian. While there’s no concrete list of scenes he might have shot in-person, Pascal has so far only shown his face twice as of the seventh episode of season 2.

In a recent interview with Variety done to promote Wonder Woman 1984, Pascal briefly touched on the show’s stunts. While he stated that he was on-set more often for season 2, he still “sat out many of Mando’s stunts.”

The interview also delved into the dual-nature of The Mandalorian‘s central performance. The bounty hunter’s physical performance is largely credited to stunt performers (Lateef Crowder and Brendan Wayne, according to IndieWire) while Pascal mostly stuck to voice work. In fact, a photo of the actor getting into character while recording lines recently went viral.

“I mean, come on, there isn’t a face!” Pascal responded when Variety called him “the face” of the hit series. “If you want to say, ‘You’re the silhouette’ — which is also a team effort — then, yeah.”

While Pascal has largely avoided any stunts on the show, one of his co-stars has leaned into them. Speaking with Collider, Giancarlo Esposito – who plays Moff Gideon, an imperial enforcer and the show’s main antagonist – claimed to have done all his own stunts.

“I don’t want you to have any spoilers, but I did all my stuntwork on my own, without a lot of rehearsal,” Esposito said in the interview.

Pedro Pascal’s other roles

Pedro Pascal
Actor Pedro Pascal at an event. | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Pascal’s next big role is almost the exact opposite of Din Djarin: a big, blustery, egotistical supervillain. In Wonder Woman 1984, he plays classic DC Comics villain, Maxwell Lord, the film’s main heavy alongside Kristen Wiig as Cheetah. Director Patty Jenkins has said that Lord draws inspiration from figures like Bernie Madoff and Donald Trump.

Pascal will stick to the realm of superheroes for the Netflix original, We Can Be Heroes. Directed by Robert Rodriguez, the film follows the children of superheroes who take action when their parents are kidnapped by aliens. The film hits Netflix on Christmas Day.

He will also appear as a character named Javi in the 2021 comedy, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Genius. The film gained notoriety online for its central premise, which sees Nicolas Cage playing himself and getting embroiled in the schemes of a dangerous drug kingpin. The film is targeting a March 2021 release in theaters.

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