‘The Chi’: Can La La Anthony Cook Like Her Character, Dom?

Straight off her six-season run on Power as LaKeisha Grant, actor and producer La La Anthony has joined the cast of Showtime’s The Chi as local chef Dom. In an Instagram Live with creator and writer of the series, Lena Waithe, the mother-of-one opened up about her new role and if she can also cook.

La La Anthony as Dom on ‘The Chi’

In The Chi Season 3 Episode 2 titled, “Brewfurd,” Jada (Yolanda Ross) brought Emmett (Jacob Latimore) and his girlfriend, Tiffany (Hannaha Hall), a plate of food from Dom (La La Anthony), which they loved.

Due to Emmett’s failed cooking ventures, he wanted to hire her as a chef for him. Therefore, he went to her place to speak with her about the business opportunity.

After proving himself to Dom, she let him in her home which doubled as an underground restaurant. She served him a plate of food with peach cobbler and he asked her about coming to work with him.

The chef explained she cooked “for the culture,” not for money, but Emmett convinced her to meet him at Sonny’s later that night. He brought her to the kitchen and pitched his vision of them running a late-night eatery together. After a little hesitation, Dom agreed.

In the following episode, she came into Sonny’s during the day to taste the food, and offended the owner by trying to give him advice on how to season the chicken better. Emmett confronted her and she didn’t back down but returned later that night for their opening.

The two became an instant success with people waiting outside the door. However, Dom couldn’t keep up with the demand and she begged Emmett to hire help for her.

How La La Anthony got on the show

Since The Chi has premiered, Power actor La La Anthony has contacted creator, screenwriter, and executive producer Lena Waithe multiple times about starring in the series.

While creating the character of Dom in the writing room, Waithe revealed in an Instagram Live she thought Anthony would fit the part perfectly and called her to audition for the chef who would replace Brandon.

The writer loves the actor’s performance on the series as she thinks Anthony brings a “different chill vibe” and already has chemistry with Emmett, portrayed by Jacob Latimore, from the first episode.

Although the mother-of-one received backlash from her portrayal of Keisha in Power, the majority of fans seemingly love her as Dom.

Can La La Anthony cook like Dom?

Also in the Instagram Live, Anthony talked about if she could cook as well as her character. Unlike Dom, the mother-of-one explained she only “has a couple of go-to’s” such as french toast, scrambled eggs, and a “mean spaghetti.”

However, she learned a lot about cooking from chefs on set who taught her techniques including how to hold a knife properly. The role has inspired her to take an interest in cooking and she has admittedly “played around in the kitchen” due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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