Seinfeld: 10 Plot Holes That Aren’t Actually Plot Holes

Seinfeld is often criticized for inconsistencies, but there are plenty of moments that are actually perfectly easy to explain.

Despite being known as a “show about nothing”, there is always a lot going on in any given episode of Seinfeld. As audiences follow the misadventures of the characters, they are treated to intertwining stories, bizarre characters, and throwbacks to past episodes. Not surprisingly, there have been a few inconsistencies.

Every show has its share of plot holes, but sometimes when fans go looking for flaws they fail to give the show the proper credit. For instance, there are several things in various episodes that don’t seem to make sense, but there ends up being a fairly simple explanation after all.

10Outing George

In one episode, a joke that is overheard by a reporter interviewing Jerry leads to the assumption that Jerry and George are a gay couple. Quite shockingly, the reporter writes the article “outing” them and names George Costanza in the piece, much to his mother’s surprise.

Some fans have pointed out that, since Jerry never mentions George’s last name to the reporter, she couldn’t have known it. But given all the other information she learns about Jerry and George, it wouldn’t be too difficult for her to get his last name.

9Jon Voight’s Pencil

In the episode “The Mom & Pop Store”, George buys a car because he is told it used to belong to actor Jon Voight. After George starts doubting this story, Kramer happens to run into Voight who, following a misunderstanding, bites him.

This leads to a plan where a trained eye will compare the bite marks in Kramer’s arm to ones in a pencil found in the car. The fact that George is never seen telling Kramer about the pencil stuck out to fans. However, George is seen carrying it around prior to Kramer’s run-in with Voight so it could easily have come up.

8Elaine’s Dancing

One of Elaine’s greatest moments on the show was when she is at a work party and proceeds to dance. Though she is totally unaware of it, she is a hilariously bad dancer and is mocked by her employees behind her back.

Some fans have pointed out that Elaine has been shown dancing in previous episodes and not displayed such terrible moves. However, those dances were more reactionary dances of excitement whereas her “little kicks” dance is always set to music.

7Kramer’s Opinions On Baths

In season 5’s “The Wife”, the gang reprimands George for peeing in the shower at the gym. When asked if he’s ever done that, Kramer responds that he only takes baths. However, in season 7’s “The Shower Head”, Kramer is frustrated with the new apartment showerheads and laments having to take a bath.

While this does seem like a clear inconsistency, one only need to look at Kramer as a character to get an answer to this. Throughout the series, he has shown how quickly he can change his mind and opinions, so the idea of his being so passionate about baths one year and so opposed to them the next year feels like typical Kramer.

6Jerry’s Coaster Issues

Jerry is seen to be someone obsessed with cleanliness. Things like a toothbrush in the toilet bowl can really drive him to distraction so it’s not surprising to see him annoyed in one episode when Kramer fails to use a coaster on his table.

However, in one episode Jerry noticeably doesn’t use a coaster at someone else’s house which seems to contradict one of his biggest character traits. However, Jerry is also a very self-centered man so it stands to reason he would only care about such cleanliness in his own home.

5Jerry’s Vomit Streak

One of the stranger tidbits about Jerry is his vomit-free streak. He proudly states that he hasn’t thrown up since 1980. However, some fans pointed out that in the episode “The Dog”, Elaine says she moved to New York in 1986 and later she and George make fun of the way Jerry vomits.

This timeline would apparently not make any sense assuming that Elaine and Jerry met when she first moved to New York in 1986. However, the show has never really gone into the history of how Jerry and Elaine met so it’s possible it was before 1980.

4Breaking Up With Puddy

Puddy was probably the most memorable of Elaine’s boyfriends on the show. However, they often break up, such as when they are on a plane together and Elaine gets annoyed at how Puddy is just sitting there staring forward and not doing anything.

Some fans feel this is hypocritical because of an episode in which Elaine describes her night before as staring ahead and doing nothing. While it is certainly hypocritical, the joke is that Elaine would find any small annoyance to break up with Puddy, even if it’s something she does herself.

3The Candy Bar Line-Up

In the episode “The Dealership”, George accompanies Jerry to a car dealership but gets obsessed with the fact that he thinks one of the mechanics stole his candy bar from the vending machine. This leads to him buying a bunch of candy bars to stage a candy bar lineup to prove the mechanic’s guilt.

This is all done because George was hungry and was mad his candy was taken from him. Fans have pointed out that George bought all the candy for the lineup and could have just eaten them. But one of George’s defining traits is his pettiness and that would always outweigh his hunger.

2The Summer Of George

In “The Summer of George”, George has big plans for his summer which involves lying around and being lazy the whole time. At the end of the episode, he slips and falls down the stairs. The doctor explains that the injury was made worse by his period of extreme inactivity.

The fact that George takes of frisbee golf means that he actually did start getting some activity. But the fact that “frolf” is a pretty light activity and that he just started it would not have undone the damage of his inactive period.

1Jerry’s Accessible Apartment

Jerry’s apartment is one of the most frequent settings where the gang hangs out. While there are times when Jerry needs to buzz his friends into the building, there are other times when they just seem to show up without Jerry letting them in.

While this allows for some surprise visits that are important to the story, the fact that they can get in without being buzzed is actually explained early in the series when Jerry complains about the building’s front door constantly being broken.

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