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‘Little House on the Prairie’: Was Nellie Oleson’s Iconic Hair Real?

“Little House on the Prairie” character Nellie Oleson frequently stirred up trouble. The worst of her antics came, however, during practically any interaction with the Ingalls girls. However, even more iconic was the troublesome blonde’s seemingly perfect curls. The character’s blonde hair fell gently at the shoulder and was always tied back with a ribbon. Decades later, we continue to wonder, were those famous curls actually real?

Unfortunately no, Nellie Oleson’s famous “Little House on the Prairie” curls came courtesy of a wig. Though we might envy the perfection with which Alison Arngrim wore her famous locks, it wasn’t as easy as we might assume. According to MeTV, the blonde curly wig was so tight it made the actress’s scalp bleed. Beauty is pain, am I right?

Fortunately, I imagine with modern advances surrounding behind the scenes effects today, there would be better solutions for our wig-wearing actresses. Nevertheless, we applaud “Little House on the Prairie’s” iconic Nellie Oleson actress for her endurance in wearing the wig as long as she did.

‘Little House on the Prairie’ Actress Pursues New Acting Role

Actress Alison Arngrim played a crucial role in numerous plot lines throughout “Little House on the Prairie.”

However, actress Melissa Gilbert played the iconic role of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Now, it’s hard to imagine her in any other acting role.

Nevertheless, whether we can accept it or not, the actress has a new direction surrounding her path in acting. Decades after “Little House on the Prairie” concluded, Gilbert has taken on a new role as a rehab therapist. She’ll soon appear in the upcoming play, “When Harry Met Rehab.”

The star’s new role starkly contrasts her previous iconic role on “Little House on the Prairie.”

According to one of the star’s recent posts, Gilbert plays a rehab therapist and former addict named Barb. Compared to the youth, innocence, and blissful ignorance of childhood and adolescence she previously embodied, the actress’s upcoming debut shows us a different side of her acting talents.

Melissa Gilbert Heads to Laura Ingalls Home

It appears, as it should, Melissa Gilbert has clearly moved on from her iconic role as Laura on “Little House on the Prairie.”

However, despite that, she’s recently shown us she still possesses a keen interest in the true Laura Ingalls Wilder history.

On a recent trip to Mansfield, Missouri, the “Little House on the Prairie” star shared her experience visiting the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home and Museum.

She announced her trip on her social media, encouraging followers to take a trip themselves. “If you have a chance to go,” Gilbert said, “you must! The museum itself is fantastic and very comprehensive.”

However, more importantly, after playing the role of Laura Ingalls Wilder for nearly a decade, the actress stated, “for me, walking through Laura and Almonzo’s homes was so so moving.”

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