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Breaking Bad: The Main Characters’ Homes, Ranked From Lamest To Coolest

Location plays an important role in Breaking Bad and many of the homes in the show are nearly characters themselves. Here are the main homes, ranked.

In Breaking Bad, the characters weren’t the only stars of the show. The locations were quite memorable too. The Albuquerque branch of Los Pollos Hermanos was where the biggest drug deal happened, while the A1A Car Wash was where millions of dollars were laundered without raising any suspicion.

Other great locations included the homes of the main characters. While Walt and Jesse lived in more than one place during their time in the series, other main characters, like Gus and Mike, were not fans of house-hunting. As the protagonist, Walt’s house understandably got the most screentime, but was it the coolest?

Jesse’s Mansion

An Alburquaqee resident walks past Jesse's house

Jesse was allowed to stay in the 9809 Margo Street house after his aunt died of lung cancer. The house was initially in a good state, but Jesse totally ruined it. First, he damaged the ceiling and hallway when he went against Walt’s instructions and used hydrofluoric acid to dissolve Emilio’s corpse. He then turned the basement into a meth lab.

Jesse’s parents eventually kicked him out and spent a lot of money renovating it. Feeling attached to the house, Jesse later used Saul Goodman to lure his parents into selling it to him. He ruined it once more by hosting drug-addled parties full of strangers. The partiers painted graffiti all over the walls, making the house unappealing once again.

Jesse’s Apartment

Jesse and Jane try the new TV

The apartment that Jesse briefly lived in after being evicted by his parents wasn’t any better. When he first moved in, the house looked empty, as Jesse didn’t have many possessions. He slept on the floor and only had a TV.

Despite there being a “No Smoking” policy, Jesse began smoking pot and doing heroin with Jane inside the apartment. Soon, the apartment fell into disrepair. Walt even broke the back door as he was trying to get the meth hidden inside. Not surprisingly, Jesse didn’t care about the hole left in the door.

Gale’s Apartment

Gus talks to Gale about becoming the new cook

Gale’s apartment was tiny, but it was decent enough for a chemist on the rise like him. It had paintings on the wall, a bookshelf, a couch and two carpets. Viewers got a glimpse inside when Gus Fring paid Gale a visit to discuss the possibility of him taking over as the Chief Cook if something were to happen to Walt.

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When Mike and Victor tried to kill Walt, the meth cook sent Jesse to Gale’s apartment to kill him so that Gus would be forced to let them live. Jesse shot Gale and when Victor showed up to clean the mess, he couldn’t since the police and neighbors were already on the scene. Gale’s important notes were thus left behind.

Mike’s House

Mike steps out of his car after dumping his guns

Though not much is revealed about its interior, Mike’s house looked pretty decent from the outside. After Gus Fring’s death, Mike planted a bug inside Hank’s office and learned that the DEA was planning to investigate him since he was the security consultant for Los Pollos Hermanos.

Mike quickly took all the guns and surveillance equipment out of his house and dumped them in the desert. He then sipped coffee and watched a movie as he waited for the DEA to arrive. There were glimpses of the living room as the DEA searched the house, with everything appearing to be in order.

Fring Residence

Walt and Gus cook inside his kitchen

For a drug lord moving millions of dollars worth of meth every month, Gus lived quite modestly. He did this so that he could avoid getting on the DEA’s radar. However, he could still have afforded to live in a more expensive home since he was the well-known owner of a successful restaurant chain.

The house was first featured when Walt bought a gun and went to kill Gus. As he was standing at the front door, Mike called him, advising him to stop acting silly and to go back home. It was seen again when Jesse visited, planning to kill Gus with ricin. The most interesting feature of the house was its state-of-the-art kitchen.

Andrea’s Second House

Jesse and Brock playing video games

After falling in love with Andrea and becoming close friends with her son, Brock, Jesse advised her to move to a better neighborhood. He offered to pay for the house, so Andrea rented out her former home and moved into the new house. The house looked pretty nice, with several rooms and all the necessary amenities.

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Jesse visited a few times, though he would often make Saul go to the house to give Andrea money while he stayed in the car. When Jesse attempted to escape from Jack Welker’s compound in the final season, he was driven to the house and made to watch as Todd lured Andrea outside and shot her.

The White Residence

Walt throws pizza on the roof after Skyler denies him entry

The White Residence is iconic, as several key scenes in the series take place in it. Perhaps the most memorable one is the pizza throwing incident. It’s a good enough residence for a middle-class family, with three bedrooms and a swimming pool. The backyard is big enough to host a party too. Its most important feature, however, is the crawl space which Walt himself personally customizes and later uses to hide most of his drug money.

The residence was vandalized by angry residents when Skyler and the children moved out, right after Walt was exposed by Heisenberg. Even in its messy state, viewers couldn’t help but adore the residence, given its history.

Lydia’s House

An exterior view of Lydia Rodarte-Quayle's house in Breaking Bad

As the Head of Logistics at the multinational conglomerate Madrigal Electromotive GmbH and a secret player in the drug trade, Lydia Rodarte-Quayle could afford an expensive home. Characterized by beautiful interior décor, long hallways and multiple lights, the house was first seen in season 5 after Lydia ordered a hit on Mike Ehrmantraut.

Mike snuck into the house at night in order to kill her. A scared Lydia then begged him to leave a body in the house so that her daughter wouldn’t think she abandoned her. Instead of killing her, though, Mike tasked her with providing him and Walt with methylene to cook more methamphetamine.

Walt’s Apartment

Walt makes a phone call to Jesse inside his new apartment

Even Skyler marveled at Walt’s new apartment when she showed up unannounced to check on him after their separation. The apartment, which had the appearance of a hotel suite, was initially used as a demonstration unit.

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Walt fell in love with it the moment the real estate agent showed it to him, so he decided to buy it. And he can’t be blamed for the impulsive decision. The furnishing and overall decor were good enough to please anyone and even after moving back home, he didn’t sell the apartment, to avoid losses associated with a resale.

Schrader Residence

Walt parks his car outside Hank's house

Hank Schrader and his wife Marie lived in a neighborhood full of pueblo-style houses and they all looked quite stunning. Even better, the house was located a few meters away from the Sandia Mountains. The residence has a big garage, which Hank used as a mini brewery to make his signature beer—the “Schraderbräu.”

The back porch provided breathtaking views of the valley below, as well as the mountain ranges. Hank hosted Jesse in the house as he tried to turn him into an informant. The ambiance was also good enough to allow Hank to recover quickly after he was injured during a shootout with the Salamanca twins.

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