‘Yellowstone’s Hassie Harrison Is the Granddaughter of Texas Oil Heiress Who Was Once America’s Richest Woman

Actress Hassie Harrison has become much beloved for her role as Laramie in “Yellowstone,” Taylor Sheridan‘s hit neo-Western drama. But did you know that in addition to dominating the hit series, she’s also the granddaughter of a Texas oil heiress who was once America’s richest woman? Talk about a legacy.

Hassie Harrison has quite a busy lifestyle as one of “Yellowstone’s” stars. But she also has a lead role in the TruTV comedy series, “Tacoma FD.” As per Looper, Harrison’s comedic role as Lucy McConky sees her and her costars in one of the rainiest cities in the U.S., with the show centered around her and her all-male costars as they work to protect the city from harm and themselves from each others’ ridiculous shenanigans.

However, based on her grandmother’s obituary in The Dallas Morning News, a busy lifestyle runs in the blood.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Boasts Distinguished Bloodlines

As per the news outlet, Hassie Harrison’s grandmother, Caroline Rose Hunt, was not just the daughter of a Texas oil heiress. Hunt was also a dedicated philanthropist, author, world traveler, gourmet, entrepreneur, and hotelier.

Hunt was not only a dedicated and enthusiastic businesswoman, launching brands and companies across the U.S. and internationally. She was also responsible for the creation of various outreach programs. In. 1999, her obituary revealed she and her family were officially inducted into the Texas Business Hall of Fame.

In addition, Hunt boasted an impressive education. Born in 1923 in El Dorado, Arkansas, she and her parents, who, as per her obit, were pioneer oilman, H.L. Hunt, II and Lyda Bunker, moved to Tyler, Texas then Dallas after the discovery of the East Texas oil field. After receiving her primary education, the TX oil heiress then attained her BA in both English and Art History.

On top of it all, Hunt boasted five children, 19 grandchildren, and a whopping 23 great-grandchildren. So while Hassie Harrison has distinguished bloodlines, so do several dozen of the “Yellowstone” star’s relatives. Interestingly, in looking a the philanthropist’s family, Caroline Rose Hunt boasted several brothers, one of which was named (can you guess?) Hassie! We can only assume that our beloved “Yellowstone” star gets her name from her granduncle.

Hassie Harrison Reveals When She Knew Acting was Her Calling

Hassie Harrison’s grandmother may have found her calling in the world of business and philanthropy. However, the “Yellowstone” star’s ambition lay elsewhere from an early age. And during an interview with Composure Magazine, the “Yellowstone” actress revealed when exactly she knew she would pursue acting as a profession.

As we know, Caroline Rose Hunt boasts an impressive total of 19 grandchildren. In addition to Hassie Harrison, the “Yellowstone” actress’s sister, Bailey, is one of them.

To the outlet, Harrison said, “My older sister and I would always watch movies together, and my imagination would run wild.”

She continued that in watching their favorite film, “Grumpier Old Men,” she and Bailey would “fall off the couch laughing.”

“Once I realized that these were actors who were paid to do this for a living, my heart was somewhat secretly set on [acting] from then on,” Harrison concluded.

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