‘Yellowstone’s Forrie J. Smith Speaks on ‘Honor’ of Being Able to Help His ‘Fellow Americans’ Through Whiskey Brand

If there’s one Yellowstone icon in touch with the heart of America, it’s real-life cowboy and philanthropist Forrie J. Smith.

Last year, the Yellowstone star launched several new bourbon blends with Oak & Eden. One in particular, a coffee-infused whiskey, went straight to Albuquerque, New Mexico fans first, then up for order at And for each bottle sold, the Yellowstone star donated $5 to the Shriner’s Hospital For Children – raising over $20,000 so far.

Through the donations, Smith has been able to provide life-changing care, prosthetics, and more to American kids in need. As much as Yellowstone has given him, the ability to help others through his celebrity is one of the things he’s most proud of – and rightfully so. But not everyone can see the forest from the trees.

“I was in Beaumont, Texas,” Smith begins of a relevant recollection for Cowboys & Indians. “It was a meet-and-greet at a liquor store there. This little gal comes up and you could tell she was real well-off. She hands me her bottle and wants me to sign her bottle, so I sign her bottle.”

But the Yellowstone star didn’t expect what came out of her mouth next. “She says, ‘How do you like being a show pony?’” Smith grins. “I said, ‘I love being a show pony!’” he spits, imitating how he responded to her cutting comment. “So I told her, I said ‘I’ve got twenty-eight kids that I’ve generated the money so they could have prosthetics, and now they’re running around on them. Next year I’ll have prosthetics for fifty kids. What have you done for society?” Smith recalls asking the uppity woman.

‘Yellowstone’s Forrie J. Smith: ‘It’s an honor to me. It’s an honor to be able to help my fellow Americans’

After that, “Phew! She was gone,” he laughs. And in all seriousness, “It’s an honor to me. It’s an honor to be able to help my fellow Americans,” Smith says. It’s something he takes to heart. And if signing bottles at a public appearance helps an American kid in need, Forrie J. Smith will be signing Oak & Eden whiskey ’til the day he dies.

“As far back as he can remember, Forrie recalls enjoying a bold cup of cowboy coffee every morning before jumping on his horse, which made it fitting to create his very own cowboy coffee-infused bourbon with Oak & Eden,” the magazine cites of Smith for the interview. “Forrie has pledged to donate a portion of all proceeds – over $20,000 so far – from his crafted Oak & Eden Anthro Series bottle to Shriners Hospital For Children.”

This was only the beginning, too. Smith aims to donate over $50,000 with his second batch of whiskey.

“Forrie J Smith is a true cowboy, bold and strong,” Oak & Eden says of the Yellowstone star. “He is no stranger to a spirit of hard work and gratitude. From his life in the rodeo to his days as a stuntman in Hollywood to his role as Lloyd on the Paramount hit TV show, Yellowstone, Forrie is the embodiment of a character that has stood the test of time.”

True words right there, Outsiders. Raise a glass of Oak & Eden Whiskey to Forrie J. Smith, and know that each bottle counts towards a great cause.

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