‘Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser Talks Moving to Florida After Childhood Years at Oregon Ranch

Yellowstone’s Rip Wheeler is no doubt a fan favorite on the modern-western television series. We love this character because he is unapologetically independent and willing to work hard, no matter the cost, for whatever he deems to be most important. And it seems that Cole Hauser, the actor who plays the favored cowboy, carries many of these same qualities.

A bit of information that becomes abundantly clear when the actor delves into some of his childhood memories. Namely, memories regarding what Hauser faced as he was uprooted from his childhood home on an Oregon ranch in favor of Clearwater Florida. A move, Hauser says, he “wouldn’t wish on anyone.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser’s Favorite Childhood Memories Come From Days Living On Oregon Ranch

When Cole Hauser was just four years old, he and his mother moved to a property that no doubt prepared the young boy for his future Yellowstone role. The duo settled on a breathtaking 1,500-acre ranch located near Eugene, Oregon. And, the star says, this was the start of a period in his childhood for which he still carries his fondest memories.

During his days living on the Oregon ranch, Hauser toured the acres; regularly hanging out with the many animals on the property, and patrolling the ranch. Patrolling each and every beloved acre, BB gun in hand.

However, Hauser’s mother wasn’t one to settle down in one area for a very long time, the actor says. Described by Hauser as being a sort of vagabond hippie, the Yellowstone star’s mother soon decided it was time to move on from Oregon and head on to Clearwater Florida. This transition wasn’t an easy one for young Cole Hauser. In fact, it’s a move he “wouldn’t wish on anyone,” he tells BND.

Of course, this isn’t to say that the actor didn’t find Florida to be a good place to settle down, eventually. After some decidedly impressive adventures nurturing his acting career over the years, Hauser has since settled down in the Sunshine State with his wife and their three children.

Hauser’s Love Of Acting Takes the ‘Yellowstone’ Star On Some Interesting Adventures

In high school, Cole Hauser took an acting class as a sort of easy “A,” however, he soon learned there was something about the field he loved. Initially, Hauser’s mom made sure not to make his introduction into the acting world too easy. But, she eventually revealed some big news to her son…her maiden name is Warner. Yes, that Warner – as in the Warner Bros. family.

Furthermore, Cole Hauser’s mom later revealed his father had been working in the business for some years. Hauser’s father, Wings Hauser was a regular guest star in many popular shows over the years. And, Hauser saw joining Wings in Los Angeles would be a great way to break into the business. Shortly after moving in with Wings Hauser, 12-year-old Cole Hauser soon learned his father was battling his own challenges fighting drug and alcohol addictions. So, Hauser decided instead to make his home on an old docked boat in neighboring Marina del Rey. Some may look at moments like these as a challenge. But, for the future Rip Wheeler, it was anything but.

“That was an awesome time,” Hauser relates. “Because it meant freedom.”

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