‘Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser Shows Off Son’s New Car He Earned With ‘Hard Work and Great Grades’

Like the legendary Thomas Edison once said, “There’s no substitute for hard work.” Yellowstone star Cole Hauser seems to be a big believer in that old adage. And, from the looks of things, he’s instilling those values in his kids.

On Saturday (April 16th), he took to his Instagram account to share some snapshots of his son’s new car that he earned for working hard and doing well in school. “My boy’s new rig,” the 47-year-old actor declares in his social media post, which features a pic of him and his eldest son, Ryland Hauser. He adds, “Hard work and great grades. Keep it up, son! Love ya.”

Cole Hauser has three children with his wife Cynthia Daniel, a former actress. The two tied the knot back in 2006. Along with Ryland, the couple’s other children are son Colt and daughter Steely Rose.

As any Yellowstone fan is well aware, Rip Wheeler has become a fan favorite, especially with some female fans. Previously, Hauser previously spoke about how his wife’s thoughts about him becoming a “cowboy heartthrob” due to Yellowstone. “She doesn’t see any of that,” Hauser told Entertainment Tonight. “She is one of those amazing women. She’s been with me for so long that she knows the ins and outs of what we do.”

Hauser also discussed what his wife thinks about his “Yellowstone” castmate, Kelly Reilly. “She loves Kelly, they get along great. You know, it’s a small family and she comes up to Montana so it’s pretty easy.”

Cole Hauser on the Relationship Between Rip and Kelly Reilly’s Beth on ‘Yellowstone’

While chatting with ScreenRant last fall, Cole Hauser opened up about the relationship between his character, Rip, and Kelly Reilly’s, Beth, on their hit Paramount Network series.

“They’re not perfect,” Hauser said. “I think sometimes we glorify these relationships on film and television. These perfect relationships of these beautiful people.”

However, Hauser admits that he doesn’t like to glorify the relationship. Because, as he says, he believes the reality of our time is that everyone’s having tough times. “I think that what this relationship has been for 4 years is these two people that are trying to make something that they really love work. And they fail at it, they get up, they brush themselves off, they try again – and they don’t quit.”

Cole Hauser further explained that the “Yellowstone” couple are not quitters. “I think that’s the message that’s being put out into the marketplace and to audiences. All relationships take work, and they’re not easy. But when you truly love somebody, they’re worth it.”

Hauser goes on to add that “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan crafted the relationship in a way that would “challenge” him and Reilly as actors. “I think it’s being able to navigate that relationship with this other person involved and how he fits into the equation, and how they both have time for each other as well. I think that was the biggest challenge, and I think that Taylor did a great job of challenging us as actors.”

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