‘Yellowstone’ Wants You to Have a Better Thanksgiving Meal Than the Duttons

The hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” is wishing its viewers and fans a very happy Thanksgiving, Dutton style.

The Dutton family dinner table sets the scene for some of the show’s most interesting conversations. It is a tradition that members of the family gather at the table for some quality family time. It is a tradition that John Dutton does his best to keep intact despite the antics of his children. The family dinner sitdown appears to be a long-held tradition that the “Yellowstone” Ranch cherishes. Nowadays, almost everyone has dinner wherever they rest their busy feet. That doesn’t fly in the Dutton household though and every member of the family is expected to attend. It doesn’t always work out for the best among the competing siblings and we’ve seen some strange happenings at the table. Still, it is quite heart-warming to at least see the Dutton family try their best to bond over whatever their personal chef, Gator, has prepared for them.

“Yellowstone” producers put a happy Thanksgiving on social media earlier today. The video shows some classic Dutton family moments and highlights the family’s “dysfunctional” habits. It’s a hilarious video that might even mirror your own family’s dinner table antics.

“Here’s to making it through a whole meal today!” the social media post proclaims. “But if not, we have got the Yellowstone Every Episode Feast Marathon, starting at 12 p.m. ET. Don’t miss it on the Paramount Network.”

The short video shows some of the best, and worst, of the Dutton family sitdown dinners. Whether it is Beth stabbing Jamie with a butter knife or John trying a little fried octopus — the video is sure to brighten your Thanksgiving day.

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four is Off to a Tremendous Start

We are four episodes deep into the fourth season of ‘Yellowstone’ and fans are already eating up. Many fans have already declared the new season a huge success and we aren’t even halfway to the end yet.

The fourth season of “Yellowstone” started off with a bang — literally and figuratively. Fans of the are still raving about the season’s opening sequence that featured an intense shootout. We also learn in this sequence that John, Kayce, and Beth survived the third season finale attacks on their lives. It is Kayce that really emerges as the hero in the first episode. He tracks down the van full of assassins and avenges the attack on his father.

Despite all that’s happened so far, the biggest question of season four still remains. Who attacked the Dutton family at the end of the third season? It’s the question on the minds of every “Yellowstone” fan and we hope to have an answer sooner than later.

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