‘Yellowstone’ Stars Discuss That Dramatic Confrontation Between Beth and Summer

Yellowstone‘s own Bunkhouse Boys are back with a breakdown of that pitch-perfect square-off between Summer and one Beth Dutton.

“Beth, in her own house, comes at Summer with a knife! But Summer holds her own pretty good,” lauds Jimmy’s Jefferson White to kick off Yellowstone‘s “Stories from the Bunkhouse” Ep. 26.

It was the confrontation fans had been waiting for. And lord almighty, it did not disappoint. Season 4, Episode 6 saw Piper Perabo’s Summer Higgins come face-to-face with the rage of Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton. As the Bunkhouse Boys explain, things went about as well as you’d expect.

“John Dutton can’t have anything nice,” White continues.

“Yeah! Didn’t she say she was going to go ‘get him some’ earlier, anyway?” Ryan’s Ian Bohen says of Beth’s colorful prospect to her father in Ep. 5.

Come to watch Jefferson White, Denim Richards, and Ian Bohen break down the latest episode, in partnership with Ram Trucks. Stay to see them dream up an epic Bunkhouse Boys-themed videogame. Yellowstone airs Sundays at 8/7c on Paramount Network.

“If you’re going to hire a hooker, would you please at least let me get you a good one?” Beth asks her father right in front of Summer. It’s a hysterical prospect, given how gorgeous Piper Perabo is. But Beth is all about the cut-downs and cut-down Summer she does.

Little did she expect, however, to get as good as she gives. Summer dances toe-to-toe with the Dutton daughter, and it’s fantastic to see Yellowstone introduce another equal sparring partner for Beth.

‘Yellowstone’s Bunkhouse Boys Want Good Things for John Dutton

“As for John, it’s sort of odd for him to have this unexpected sort of kinship,” Jefferson White says of Kevin Costner’s patriarch. “It comes from the last place you’d expect: someone whose ideologies are so diametrically opposed to his own.”

This says a lot about John’s curiosity and compassion, White adds. But it’s Colby’s Denim Richards who may hit the nail on the head.

“He also needs an escape from what’s so familiar,” Richards smiles. The Bunkhouse Boys simply want happiness for ol’ JD. But putting Summer and Beth at a breakfast table together with no preface definitely isn’t the place to start.

“No matter where you’re coming from you have to admire Summer’s bravery,” White says of her brazen takedown of their meal. Summer requests anything “that didn’t have a heartbeat last week”… On a ranch… Without so much as batting an eye.

This leads to one of Gator‘s best scenes yet as he’s confronted with Summer’s “GMO” and “gluten” hangups.

“What’s… gluten?” Gator asks, dumbfounded. Which, as Yellowstone’s Bunkhouse Boys point out, couldn’t be further from the chef-extraordinaire in real life.

Watch the full “Stories from the Bunkhouse” above for more excellent behind-the-scenes reveals right here on Outsider.

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