‘Yellowstone’ Star Piper Perabo Says Kelly Reilly Is ‘So Scary’ As Beth Dutton

Yellowstone‘s latest “Behind the Story” shows just how terrifying Kelly Reilly is as Beth Dutton, and Summer’s Piper Perabo is all for it.

“Summer is someone that John Dutton meets and has a fling with,” Beth Dutton herself, Kelly Reilly begins. “And it turns out that Beth actually doesn’t like it,” she smiles.

How’s that for an understatement? Yellowstone‘s Season 4, Episode 6 held the long-awaited meeting for Piper Perabo’s Summer Higgins and the Dutton daughter. And as this fantastic behind-the-scenes look demonstrates: it did not disappoint.

Beth had some sage “man-to-man” advice for her father when we last saw them together in Ep. 5. But as Reilly says, once her father finally gets around to… Ahem… Romantic involvement… She’s less than thrilled to find it in her home.

After a few choice words and Beth’s drawing of a kitchen knife, these two polar opposite’s face-off – finding out they may not be as polar opposite as we’d all believe. This, as you can imagine, led to immense fun for the actors.

“She’s so scary as Beth Dutton,” Summer’s Piper Perabo grins wide. “To me it’s really funny because I know Kelly in real life.”

The two actors have been friends for a while, and are ecstatic at the chance to work together. Their characters, however, have a whole lot more to hash out.

‘Yellowstone’ Finally Gives John Dutton a New Romantic Interest, But Beth is Not Happy

“She is so protective of John,” Reilly continues of Beth. “And she does see Summer as someone who’s sort of an enemy, because she doesn’t think Summer sees, or thinks, or appreciates – at all – what this world is. Or who [John Dutton] is.

For Summer’s part, Piper Perabo says her character “has nothing to lose. I’m with John, and Beth can go f*ck herself,” she says. “And it is so hard for Beth to sit in that dining room chair.”

“Suddenly she’s having breakfast with her,” Reilly adds. “Beth can be cruel. Beth can be mean. I mean, Beth needs to go to therapy,” she laughs. “She really needs to figure that out.”

Through all their brilliant sparring in the Yellowstone episode, however, Perabo is having the most fun “really getting to poke that bear.” Beth does believe she is “the bigger bear,” after all; something Summer may take her up on head-on.

But as Reilly says, “You do not want to be on the wrong side of Beth. If you’re someone who she considers an enemy of her father, or her, or anyone she loves… She will destroy you.”

Ain’t that the truth; a truth her adopted brother, Jamie Dutton, finds out readily later in the same episode. Again.

Color us highly intrigued to see how the Beth and Summer dynamic plays out as Yellowstone Season 4 continues this December.

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