‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Teases New Episode with Ominous Picture of John and Rip

Yellowstone and its latest chapter is just around the corner and John Dutton actor Kevin Costner is getting fans ready.

And by ready, we mean that fans are already ready, now bordering on ravenous. Each episode of Season 4 has been building up as fans await the next developments in several storylines like if Jamie will side with the Dutton family or his birth father.

But in Kevin Costner’s latest post, the Yellowstone star isn’t addressing John’s black sheep son. Instead, it’s a look of some late-night activities that John and his team are up to.

“A peek into tonight’s episode,” Costner captioned the post. “Who’s tuning in? #YellowstoneTV“

As one might guess, the replies flooded in on the actor’s photo.

Yellowstone Fans Sound Off in Costner’s Comments

As is the norm on Instagram, the majority of the comments were people excitedly sharing emojis. But there were also Yellowstone fans with more to say about the show and to the actor.

“Watching the clock READY !” one user replied.

Another user repeated that sentiment and said what all Yellowstone fans are thinking as we come up to the episode’s premiere.

“Im here waiting for this episode.”

One user echoed a much different thought, but it’s still one that some fans definitely agree with.

“There better be some killing soon,” the fan commented.

Yellowstone never shorts fans on action, but it’s been a little bit of a slow burn to start Season 4.

For one, the Dutton family had to recover from their respective assassination attempts. But on top of that, there’s also been the chess game going on between Market Equities, the family and the Broken Rock reservation.

It’s all going to come to a head here soon, or at least looks like it will, but the show has focused on building to that point rather than rushing headlong to shootouts. Of course, we’ve gotten a little bit of that too.

Season 4 Star Talks John Dutton

Piper Perabo joined the cast for Season 4 as Summer, a woman who meets Kayce and John because she protested their ranching practices. While things go pretty poorly at first and Summer ends up in jail, John Dutton elects to bail her out and try and find some common ground.

When we last saw the two, they were approaching the Dutton ranch. Since that episode, Perabo has spoken to several outlets about her work on the show, including ScreenRant. One of the more interesting parts of the interview was her comments on John Dutton’s energy.

“I feel like I have a big picture of the kind’ of heroes that he (Taylor Sheridan) writes,” Perabo said. “And John Dutton really fits into that pantheon of heroes. There’s a reserved power. Unlike Kayce, who jumps out of his truck with his gun drawn, John really shows up and assesses the situation. And his power really precedes him; he can come in quiet.”

Spot on. Hungry for more Yellowstone content? Listen to Outsider’s Bunkhouse Breakdown from the latest episode.

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