‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Reveals What We Can Expect in Season 5

Can you smell it, Outsiders? That scent? It’s Yellowstone Season 5. Kelly Reilly gave a little insight into what we can expect coming up. The Dutton family is always getting into some kind of trouble. However, the specifics are what get fans going. We know there will be drama, but from what Reilly is saying it is going to be intense.

While on the carpet at Paramount’s Upfront 2022 presentation, the actress talked with Entertainment Tonight. Her British accent came across loud and clear, still a bit strange to hear after seeing her as Beth Dutton for all these years.

“Well, it’s always that sort of… the problem is how do we top it every year?” she said. “Some of the same challenges, protecting the land, looking after my father, protecting him. And just when I think Beth might be trying to mellow down a bit, she’s a married woman. That’s not happening. I mean, the married woman part is happening, but the calming down. So, the fierceness is legitimately leveling up.”

Season 4 had a lot of twists and turns. We saw the guns come out, a political campaign begin, and of course, people died in the process. The Dutton family and ranch is always needing protection. With John Dutton (Kevin Costner) getting older each season, Beth and Rip are having to take up some slack to protect their land and family.

After the intensity of last season, Yellowstone Season 5 is going to be ridiculous. The cast arrived in Montana last week and are ready to begin production on the new season. So, it’s closer than it may seem. Outsiders, this is going to be the year of Taylor Sheridan and the Duttons.

Yellowstone’ Season 5 is Just One Puzzle Piece

The thing about Season 5 of Yellowstone is it is only one piece to the puzzle that is Sheridan’s larger goals. We saw 1883, and what that brought to the story that is the Dutton family. A little origin story to get fans invested deeper in the family, their journey, and what happens to them in the present-day series.

Well, by now you Outsiders probably already know about the next series in the Dutton-verse. 1932 is going to continue the story of the Dutton family and should be an amazing series. Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren have been tapped to star in that series and that means it’s going to be a blockbuster prequel. Seriously, what gets better than that?

This year is going to be all about the Duttons. From the new season of Yellowstone to the awards season coming up, 1932, and probably even more than that. Sheridan and crew have put together an empire that doesn’t look like it is going to stop any time soon.

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