‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Captures Stunning View of the Dutton Ranch as She Begins Work on Season 5

Uh oh, Outsiders. Don’t look now, but Kelly Reilly is back in Montana and it looks like she’s ready for Yellowstone Season 5. Back on the Dutton Ranch, with the mountains of Montana rising in the horizon, Reilly looks to be relaxing. Season 5 is going to be underway soon enough and fans are going to be waiting very (im)patiently for it to get to their TV screens.

Reilly is going to be brought up a lot, and not just from longtime Yellowstone viewers anymore. She’s set to receive a whole lot of well-deserved recognition for her efforts as Beth Dutton. However, before she gets those rewards for her Season 4 performance, it is on to the next one.

Check out the beautiful scene that Reilly took in here on her Instagram.

“Lily of the valley made it from my garden today to this beautiful valley in Montana,” Reilly captioned her post. “I have missed these mountains so much, this cast and crew and of course her…”

She used the hashtags, #season5 and #yellowstone along with a storm cloud emoji. It’s a bit of an ominous ending for a beautiful photo and caption. The English actress has proven herself over the first four seasons of the show. The first three of which were very scarce in the awards department.

Still, with this backdrop, a message like this to open up filming and production… it has to be something special on the way. Perhaps a storm is on the horizon? Just beyond those mountain tops. Or, there might be promise in the misty fog that surrounds the hills.

I have a feeling that an armful of awards and even more nominations are just over those hills…many of them coming to Reilly herself.

Kelly Reilly Awaits Season 5 and Awards Season

In case you haven’t seen, Season 4 of Yellowstone, mostly thanks to Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton. The relationship between Beth and Rip was put on full display throughout the whole season. The introduction of Carter, laid by Finn Little, only added to the great dynamic.

Already, the MTV Awards has nominated Reilly for Best Performance in a Show. It was also leaked that Reilly was going to be added to the list of nominees for lead actress in a drama at the Emmys. That’s a huge leap from where the show was in the first three seasons. However, that won’t stop the wave that many are anticipating.

Kelly Reilly has separated herself as a serious actress in a lead role, and while Yellowstone fans know that, the rest of the entertainment world will soon know as well. Expect big things for Season 4 in the awards shows, and even bigger things to come for Season 5.

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