‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Talks Kevin Costner’s ‘Leadership’ on the Paramount Network Series

“Yellowstone” star Jefferson White and Luke Grimes are always happy to learn more from the show’s lead, Kevin Costner. The duo knows that Costner not only has a ton of experience under his belt but has phenomenal acting skills as well. But Costner doesn’t pretend that he’s all that just because he’s a Hollywood star, Grimes and White revealed. Much like his character, John Dutton, Costner sets an example for the rest of the cast by putting in the hard work.

Jefferson White and Luke Grimes were two “Yellowstone” panelists at the recent Deadline Contenders event. Per CinemaBlend, at one point they opened up about their “biggest takeaways” from working with Kevin Costner.

“I would say his worth ethic, how much he really cares,” Grimes shared. “I always say, at the level he’s at, he wouldn’t have to work that hard or care that much. He’s Kevin Costner. He could show up and phone it in and no one would say anything. But he really deeply still cares about the material and about the quality of his work, and how much he invests in making every single scene as good as possible.”

White added, “Yeah, that permeates all the way down the call sheet. He takes it so seriously — it’s such a labor of love for him every day that he’s on set. That energy permeates everybody in the cast and the crew. And it really starts to feel like a personal labor of love for a crew of 150, for a cast of 30. His leadership at the head of that really trickles down in amazing ways.”

Like Jefferson White said, “Yellowstone” is a huge production. And to see one person’s impact on something that big speaks a lot to their character.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Describes How He Never Sees This Star on Set

While “Yellowstone” star Jefferson White is happy to interact with Kevin Costner on the show’s set, there’s one cast member he doesn’t see much of — Kelly Reilly. And that’s because Reilly’s character, Beth, has little reason to hang out with Jimmy Hurdstrom.

White told Us Weekly how he interviewed Reilly recently for the “Yellowstone” podcast and the topic came up. “We were talking about how we never really see each other on set,” White said. “You know, Jimmy and Beth never really cross paths, which is great for Jimmy.”

And why is that great for Jimmy? Because he doesn’t quite have the nerve to talk to Beth Dutton. At least not without upsetting her. “Anybody who crosses paths with Beth, you’re in trouble,” White said. “I mean, we were joking about how it’s actually very lucky for Jimmy that he’s never crossed paths with Beth. Because I think he would go out of a plate glass window.”

He added, “Kelly Reilly, she’s the nicest person in the world. But when she’s on set, it’s her job to inhabit Beth. It’s her job to create that energy. So I stay far away.”

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