‘Yellowstone’ Star Hassie Harrison Lists California Home for $2.7 Million

Just nine months after Hassie Harrison purchased her custom hacienda-style home in Topanga Canyon, California. Kind of like a catch-and-release, the Yellowstone actress has now placed the luxurious home back on the market for $2.7 million.

When Harrison first purchased the home, she paid $2.5 million for it. Now, she’s demonstrating her real estate skills as she hopes to come away with a bit more spending cash from the deal. The house sits on 1.4 acres of lush, green grass and foliage located on a steep ridge that provides the perfect amount of privacy. With 2,579 square feet, it has three bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms inside.

Despite the fact that Yellowstone‘s Hassie Harrison’s house is from 1958, the home has since had plenty of updates that bring it up to modern standards. Once you step inside, two-tone hardwood floors and wood-plank ceilings greet you. There’s also a fireside patio, huge balcony and a wood-burning fireplace that makes every night in your home feel like a vacation.

Not to mention, you have exclusive access to year-round vistas of the Santa Monica Mountains.

There’s plenty of room for entertaining guests, but the home isn’t so big that you feel lost inside of it. Yellowstone star Hassie Harrison is hoping to pass on this California oasis to the next owners in search of serenity and comfort.

Check out photos of the gorgeous home here.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Hassie Harrison Speaks About Her Other Calling

Apart from Hassie Harrison’s real estate ventures, she has also been making headlines for her exciting film and TV career which continues to amaze her fans. In fact, Composure magazine listed Harrison in its “Ones to Watch” list as the actress’s career takes off.

With how talented she is on Yellowstone, fans want to know what inspired the talented young woman to start acting. According to Harrison, it all began when she was spending some quality time with her sister.

“My older sister and I would always watch movies together, and my imagination would run wild, trying on these different lifestyles and circumstances,” the Yellowstone star told Composure Magazine. “Grumpier Old Men was one of our favorites when we were little. We would fall off the couch laughing. Once I realized that these were actors who were paid to do this for a living, my heart was somewhat secretly set on a decision from then on.”

Before she became Laramie on Yellowstone, Hassie Harrison was on Tacoma FD, her big break that opened up Hollywood for her. But for Harrison, getting to this point was far from easy.

“Actors always talk about peaks and valleys in this industry,” the Yellowstone star said. “There were a few years it was only valleys. It didn’t feel like anyone was seeing me or picking up what I was putting down, so to speak. I’m glad I stuck with it because I booked Tacoma FD right after I was about ready to throw in the towel. Learning to navigate that with a good outlook and attitude is paramount to an artist’s well-being.” 

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