‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Had an ‘Amazing Night’ With His Family at the NBA Finals: PHOTOS

It looks like Yellowstone star Cole Hauser enjoyed himself at Game 2 of the NBA Finals. It was a good night for Warriors fans. Of course, the California native is cheering on the team from the Bay Area. The whole crew was in attendance as Golden State ran away with the win in the second half.

Although he made it to Montana for the production of Season 5 of Yellowstone, he made some time to get out to the Chase Center. Like most kids, these days it seems, Hauser’s kids look like big fans of the Warriors as well. Kids these days don’t shout “Kobe!” they shout “Curry!” instead.

Check out the post below and see the happy family taking in the big win for the home team.

It looks like Colt and Steely Rose had a great time at the game as well as Cynthia and Cole. While the California native is a big Warriors fan, a lot of his followers aren’t on the bandwagon. Throughout his replies, a quick glance will show more clovers and support for the Boston Celtics.

With the Finals tied at 1-1, we’re going to get at least one more game in San Francisco. Will Cole Hauser be there, too? By the sound of his caption on Instagram, “Amazing night with fam [at Warriors] championship [game]. Off to Boston for a 4th title,” he might show up at TD Garden.

It seems that Yellowstone fans want to see the Celtics win their 18th championship, an NBA record. This is the first Finals appearance for the team since they lost in 2010 to Kobe Bryant‘s Lakers. Kobe broke this 13-year-old’s heart back then.

Cole Hauser and Family Watch Steph Curry Do What he Does Best

If Rip Wheeler was a basketball player, he’d be one of the Bad Boy Pistons. Perhaps a Bill Lambier type. Perfect for the play style of the 1980s and 90s, but not so much in today’s pace and space NBA. Cole Hauser and his family didn’t see a bulldozer player like that last night, instead, they took in a masterclass of finesse.

In the first half, Steph Curry was good. 15 points, and he was only getting started. Despite a big night from Jayson Tatum, Curry and his squad led at halftime 52-50. Then the third quarter came. Folks say that lap three of the mile is the hardest to get through, the same could be said about the third quarter in an NBA game. It takes focus, endurance, and willpower to get through it.

By the time the game was over the score was 107-88 and, from the look on the faces of the Hausers in the video, it was a great night to be a Warriors fan.

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