Yellowstone Season Finale: Why Rip & Beth Aren’t Technically Married

Fans of Yellowstone had a wonderful surprise on Sunday’s Season 4 finale when Rip and Beth were married. But they’re not. What?

Yeah, see, they are not technically married. Sure, Outsiders, we will join you and say, “But it was right there on my TV screen.”

OK, here’s the scoop. Rip Wheeler, played by Cole Hauser, and Beth Dutton, played by Kelly Reilly, were wed in a hurry-up ceremony on Yellowstone Ranch. The ranch, though, is in Montana. According to state law, proof of identity is needed to officially get married.

‘Yellowstone’ Marriage Ceremony Short, Sweet, Not Official in Montana

This can be represented by any government-issued identification. These can include your birth certificate, driver’s license, Social Security number, or passport.

As we saw on Sunday night on Yellowstone, Beth kidnapped a Catholic priest (much to John’s horror). She brought him up to the ranch and had him stand outside. Then she corralled Rip, John, and Carter, played by Finn Little. Longtime ranch hand Lloyd Pierce, played by Forrie J. Smith, found himself in the ceremony, too, as Rip’s best man.

A short-and-sweet exchange of marriage vows took place and, well, we give you Mr. and Mrs. Rip Wheeler. But they aren’t really married, according to Montana state law.

Now, we figure that if John really wanted to bend that law a little, then he’d go talk to someone. Just like he did that judge after he sentenced Summer Higgins, played by Piper Perabo, to prison.

John wasn’t a fan of Beth’s actions here but went along with them because he loves his daughter. There were other Beth shenanigans in the Yellowstone Season 4 finale but that’s for another article.

Now That Season 4 Is Done, When Does Season 5 Start?

Sure, sure, we understand the need for more Yellowstone with a few storylines carrying over to Season 5.

When does Season 5 start, after all?

Hang on a dad-gum minute. The Taylor Sheridan-created Western drama has not been officially renewed for a Season 5.

But don’t let that get you down. It’s coming back. After all, Sheridan has 1883 and 6666 either going strong or coming up on Paramount+.

Cole Hauser did confirm that Sheridan was working on Season 5 in mid-2021.

Speaking to Hall Family Wines Happy Hour via an extensive YouTube interview, Hauser spoke directly to the team’s return for Season 5.

He said in the interview that “Taylor’s working on it right now, and I think we will be back sometime in July [2022].” Probably, Hauser means back on the set in July. And when will Season 5 premiere? We’d like to put a pinpoint mark on November 2022. Let’s see what happens, friends.

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