‘Yellowstone’ Season 4, Episode 3 Recap: Major Character Exits, John Dutton Visits Train Station

Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 3, “All I See Is You” held a couple of revelations, but mostly chose slow-burn character development over raucous action. Be warned, major spoilers are ahead as we break down the entirety of this episode.

As the title suggests, “All I See Is You” is all about love and the relationships of Yellowstone.

If you thought Season 4 would draw out the hunting of the militia that tried to kill the Duttons, then Episode 3 was a real shocker. A whirlwind montage of murder opens the episode as Kayce, Rip, and Lloyd locate the remaining assassins at the behest of John. Each is killed and disposed of, and that is that – before the title credits even roll.

Bye Bye Jimmy

From there, it’s on to Taylor Sheridan’s Travis as he shows off (again, for several scenes too many) his impressive lineup of horses that John now owns. And of course, Travis is now saddled with Jimmy who’s coming with him down to the Four-Sixes in Texas. This will tie directly into Jefferson White’s casting on spinoff 6666. For now, however, it made for a large chunk of the emotional drama to kick off the episode as Mia tells Jimmy what an idiot he is for “choosing the ranch” over her.

John Dutton gives his ranch hand one last talk before sending him off, letting the troubled young man know it’s up to him to “make a man” out of himself in Texas. By the episode’s end, Jimmy is in Travis’ pickup with several men who truly do not want him around. He’s in for a rough future. But that’s all Jimmy knows, isn’t it?

With that, Mia is left crying as Jimmy watches her through the truck windows.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 4, Episode 3: Still Not Much Tate

Fellow fans hoping for more character development for Tate Dutton will wind up disappointed by Ep. 3, too. “All I See Is You” chooses to focus on newcomer Carter instead of Tate once again.

Instead, his father Kayce’s storyline mostly revolves around helping out a veteran rancher (played by a veteran ‘Gunsmoke’ actor in a fun cameo). The rancher, Emmett, has some new “California f**ker” installing cattle guards along the road which is costing Emmett “a fortune he doesn’t have.”

So Kayce deals with the prick in Yellowstone fashion by locking him under one of his own cattle guards. Things don’t get better for the Dutton son, either. Upon returning home, he finds his wife, Monica, and their son, Tate, held up in their bedroom. Tate won’t come out from under the bed. Kayce’s wife and son are experiencing deep trauma from the latest assassination attempts.

Tate took a life to save his mother’s, and it has him frozen in fear. He’s hiding from the world. Kayce does his best to console his son. But by the scene’s end, Monica tells her husband several times over that she hates him. And all she wants now is to “go home” – which is not Yellowstone Ranch, a place she calls “evil.”

Beth Gets ‘Fooled’ by Carter

As for Carter, Yellowstone continues to focus on him as the show’s “young” cast member for Season 4. Beth Dutton decides she’s going to take her new ward out “shopping” for a pair of boots and a jacket to work in. The boy has nothing, after all. But Rip sees exactly how this is going to go from a mile away.

“You treat that boy like a pet, and that’s exactly what you’re gonna get: a pet. And not a good one, either,” he tells Beth. She responds in the most Beth Dutton way possible with an “I love you, but f**k you” – a highlight of the episode, to be sure.

Things quickly go south, however, as Rip’s warning comes true. Once inside the Western outlet, Carter becomes fixated on a shirt that he wants. Beth tells him no and to take it off, but he won’t listen and throws a fit. The two get into a physical altercation, and some Karen present in the store is there to film it all. After threatening Beth (which is always a mistake), Beth grabs the woman’s phone and smashes it. She’s furious and hurt. But not because of this random woman. But because Carter has just played her for a fool.

The scene reminds us of Carter’s past, and the immense amount of work it’s going to take to set this boy straight. Beth, however, is cut deeply by this. When she returns home, Rip is waiting with two shots of tequila and lime. Beth has put Carter in the barn.

“I don’t want him sleeping in our house anymore,” she tells Rip. Rip then reminds the love of his life (who cannot have children) that “He’s not our son, no matter what he becomes. He’ll never be that. Nobody will.”

“The day is coming when you’ll resent me for that,” Beth replies with tears welling up.

“No, I won’t,” Rip responds.

John Dutton Gets One Step Closer to Finding ‘Yellowstone’ Assassin Courtesy of Rainwater & Mo

Meanwhile, John Dutton finally learns who wants him dead. Or, at least we think so.

In a meeting with Thomas Rainwater & Mo out in middle-of-nowhere Montana, John is given the perpetrator that orchestrated his family’s assassination attempts as a “gift” from the pair. It’s clear these three still don’t see eye-to-eye, but this may be one hell of an olive branch.

Rainwater hands over a mugshot and file on the man who ordered the hit, while Mo delivers the scumbag he’s been keeping to John: the “party planner” Jesse we met in the Yellowstone Season 4 premiere. Jesse insists it is his former cellmate – the man in the mugshot – who ordered the attacks. But John wants to know who ordered that man to do so, as he doesn’t know any of these people. At all.

In the end, John gives Jesse the option of an old Western shootout. He can’t bring himself to shoot the coward in cold blood. But he wins the shootout, and Jesse is sent tumbling over the cliff and down to the ‘Train Station’s final stop.

Yet this begs the question… Who ordered the hits? Surely this prisoner got his orders from someone else. Orchestrating a hit of that size requires immense financial wealth. So, instead of thinking we have our answer, it’s better to think we’ve gotten one step higher up the rung of this ladder to finding our who truly ordered Yellowstone Season 3’s assassination attempts on the Duttons.

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