‘Yellowstone’: Mo Brings Plenty Says ‘Words Need Not Apply’ in Beautiful Moment Shared with Horse

“Yellowstone” star Mo Brings Plenty brings real authenticity to the ever-popular Paramount Network series as a real cattle rancher.

On “Yellowstone,” Brings Plenty plays Mo, a driver, adviser and enforcer for Broken Rock Chairman Thomas Rainwater. Mo is a Native American and he wears many hats. Through three seasons of “Yellowstone,” we have seen him pretty much do it all. He’s kind of like the tribe’s version of Rip Wheeler. We have seen Mo assist Rainwater with tough decisions he has to make regarding the tribe’s future. We have seen him perform Native American rituals for his people and from others. We’ve seen him snipe a suspected serial rapist from a great distance. There just simply is not much that Mo can’t or won’t do to help his fellow tribe members.

Away from the “Yellowstone” set, Brings Plenty is a real deal cattle rancher with a nice-sized ranch of his own. He often uses social media to interact with “Yellowstone” fans and share his latest ranching adventures. An animal lover, Brings Plenty haves a soft spot for horses and rides them for work and pleasure. His latest social post shows just how much he loves his four-legged friends.

“Words need not apply,” he writes in the post’s caption space. He also refers to his horses as “family” in the Thursday Instagram post.

As you can see, the “Yellowstone” star has several horses on his ranch. In the photos he shares, one horse appears to be sharing some love with its human friend. Numerous “Yellowstone” stars like Finn Little and Brecken Merrill are among the thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. It goes to show the “Yellowstone” cast is close.

A brand new season of “Yellowstone” is upon us and we couldn’t be more excited.

Mo had a couple of big scenes in the season four premiere and fans loved every minute of it. Many fans have been clamoring for Brings Plenty to get more screen time since the end of the third season. It looks like fans are going to get their wish.

In one of the best scenes from the premiere, we see Mo going old school on a guy claiming to be behind the Dutton family attack. Mo takes the man to the middle of nowhere, ties him to a horse and proceeds to drag the man over the tough Montana terrains.

That is the Mo that we have all come to know and love. We certainly hope has more badass scenes as the fourth season of “Yellowstone” rolls on. Don’t be surprised when we see Mo getting more and more screen time as he’s very popular among “Yellowstone” fans.

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