‘Yellowstone’: Luke Grimes and Kelsey Asbille Talk Kayce and Monica Putting Down ‘Their Own Roots’

It’s been a long, hard road for Kayce, Monica, and Tate Dutton on Yellowstone, but Season 4 sees this family finally calling a place “their own.”

“You see them move into their own space,” Kelsey Asbille begins of her Yellowstone family’s growth in Season 4, Episode 6. In the show’s latest “Behind the Story,” Asbille looks genuinely happy to see such things happening for Monica and her immediate family.

It’ looks idyllic from our audience perspective, too. The Montana home they’ve found holds a beautiful craftsman ranch home along with their own sprawling acreage. Mountains and autumn forest surround it, and Kayce is immediately taken with the homestead. The deal comes with a dog for Tate, too, something the youngster sorely needs.

“They decide to just strike it out on their own,” adds Kayce’s Luke Grimes. “So they have this kind of nice middle ground that is their own spot. It’s neither Yellowstone Ranch or the Broken Rock Reservation, you know? They’re trying to put down their own roots.”

“This is it,” Kayce says as he smiles out onto the acreage.

“Yeah. I think so, too,” Monica smiles.

It’s something that is “so needed for them,” Asbille continues. “It’s away from influences,” she says. Which, as Yellowstone fans know 4 seasons in, is paramount to their little family finding happiness.

‘Yellowstone’ Finally Gives Kayce and Monica a Chance at Happiness… Only to Complicate Things Further

Peace never lasts long for Kayce Dutton, however. In the middle of their showing for the new property, he receives an urgent work call. And it’s coming directly in service of Broken Rock’s patriarch, Thomas Rainwater.

“Kayce gets a call to the Res. There’s been some horses stolen,” Grimes explains of the Episode 6 storyline. “Lo and behold, the house that he goes to is the house where Avery lives.”

“I think some of the mystery is solved as to where… What happened to Avery? Where did she go?” Avery actor Tanya Beatty adds for “Behind the Story.”

Indeed, longtime Yellowstone fans were shocked to see her character finally return. Audiences hoping for a peaceful future for Kayce and Monica, however, can feel what’s coming a mile away. The romantic tension between Kayce and Avery is still painfully apparent; something Monica is not happy about at all.

Kayce certainly has a type, doesn’t he? It’s the first thought this Outsider had after seeing the scene, and something Monica addresses directly in the show.

“Monica’s not super happy about the way Avery seems to treat Kayce,” Luke Grimes smiles.

Behind-the-Scenes, however, everyone’s simply happy to have Beatty Back. “Whenever someone goes away and then comes back, they’re always very welcomed,” Grimes says of his long-lost co-star. “

And although “Monica gets a little jelly” as Asbille laughs in kind, the actor says “It’s really the first time we see this side of her, which is just so much fun to play, honestly.”

We’ll see where this love triangle leads – if anywhere – as Yellowstone Season 4 rolls on this December.

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