‘Yellowstone’: Kelly Reilly Explains How Beth Dutton Is ‘Old Fashioned in Her Values’

We all know how Beth Dutton is on “Yellowstone”; hot-headed, feisty, makes her own rules, and doesn’t let anyone else play by them. But, according to Kelly Reilly, who portrays Beth Dutton, she has some old-fashioned values.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kelly Reilly explained some of what’s going on with Beth in season 5. She didn’t give too much away, of course, as “Yellowstone” actors stay notoriously tight-lipped about their show. But, she did give us some hints as to what’s to come for Beth Dutton and the rest of the family on “Yellowstone.

When asked how married life will go for Beth and Rip–played by Cole Hauser, who’s in Montana filming season 5–and if it’s going to be relatively the same as usual for them, Reilly answered, “In a strange way I think Beth is quite old fashioned in her values somewhere. And I think the fact that this man is now her husband, it holds a lot of power in her.”

Reilly also spoke about Beth’s relationship with Rip as a whole, citing their first meeting when they were teenagers. “But he’s always been her guy, since she was 16 years old,” she said. “He’s the only man other than her father that she’s ever loved. So the fact that now it’s official, in God’s eyes, it’s something that I think she’s incredibly proud of. And I think it probably gives her a little bit more stability.”

Beth has checked the marriage box off her list, and now she can focus on other things. Like, maybe, saving her family ranch. The stakes are high for Beth Dutton and the rest of the ranch going into “Yellowstone” season 5. We can only hope things can work out for the best, and not too many people die in the process.

Kelly Reilly Opens Up About Beth Dutton’s Feelings About Being Married, Plus Wants to Be Part of ‘1932’

Paramount recently revealed that Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren will lead the new “1932” series, and we all collectively lost our cool about it. Including Beth Dutton’s Kelly Reilly, who seems super excited for the “Yellowstone” spin-off. Apparently, she’s super jealous that she won’t have a part to play in the new series, even though she’s currently in beautiful Montana filming “Yellowstone” season 5.

“I just found out about this yesterday, and I wanna be in it,” she said recently. “Which is impossible. But they’re my ancestors. I mean, it started with Tim [McGraw] and Faith [Hill] and Isabel [May].” Those three, you’ll remember, starred on “1883,” the prequel to the prequel to “Yellowstone.” McGraw played patriarch James Dutton; his real life wife Faith Hill played his fictional wife Margaret Dutton; and Isabel May played their Beth-esque rebel daughter Elsa Dutton.

Now, Harrison Ford and Hellen Mirren are, supposedly, going to take on the Dutton mantle. There are speculations that Ford will play John Dutton Sr. as an older man; 5-year-old Audie Rick originally played that character on “1883.” We don’t know for sure yet about either of their characters, but be sure we’ll let you know when we do.

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