‘Yellowstone’: How Jamie Could Make Amends With John and Beth Dutton

Jamie Dutton has pretty much sealed his fate with the rest of his family, but Yellowstone fans theorized what the notorious villain could do differently to save his relationships. The Season 4 finale of the western series left Jamie in a tough spot with Beth Dutton steering him straight into another tragic disaster. And though Jamie committed his fair share of crimes against the family, it’s not hard to sympathize with him, given all his hardships over the years.

Perhaps that’s why one Yellowstone fan decided to put themselves in Jamie’s shoes and discuss what they would do differently in his situation. On Reddit, u/klandon4444 posed the prompt, “Finish the sentence, If I were Jamie, I would…”

Here was what they would do in Jamie’s position: “I would call John and request to meet with him, Beth, and Rip for dinner,” the fan wrote. “I’d tell John that I want to repair the internal family issues that divide them. Knowing that Beth would be against it, i’d ask John not to tell her or Rip about the meeting… I’d then show up while John, Beth, and Rip were eating at the notorious Dutton dinner table and catch Beth off guard. I’d then spill the beans about the abortion, sterilization, and apologize to both of them.”

As we know, Beth has previously revealed to her now-husband Rip Wheeler that she couldn’t have children, but he still doesn’t know the full story. Exposing this secret would certainly take the heat off of Jamie and place it squarely on Beth. Suddenly, Jamie isn’t the focal point of the Duttons’ lives anymore. That’s a pretty crafty tactic.

‘Yellowstone’ Fan Explains How Jamie Could Have Patched Up Relationship with John

While targeting Beth was crucial to the Yellowstone fan’s hypothetical plan, there were some fairly innocent intentions as well. Even though Jamie and his adoptive father, John, don’t have the best track record, there is still a chance of repairing the damage.

“I’d also let John know how I felt about him keeping the adoption a secret,” the Yellowstone fan theorized. “I’d also let him know that all I ever wanted was his love, but never felt I was ever good enough for him.”

Likely, this is what Jamie had hoped to do in the past – sit down and have a candid conversation about how John has affected his life. But between the feud with Beth and the assassination attempt from his biological father, the hopes of having a heart-to-heart fell through the cracks.

“By doing this, Rip would be limited on retaliating against Jamie because John wouldn’t allow it,” the fan smartly concluded.

Too bad Jamie didn’t follow the Yellowstone fan’s advice before he pulled the trigger in the Season 4 finale.

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