‘Yellowstone’ Fans Still Haven’t Gotten Over One Character’s Death

Some “Yellowstone” fans have yet to get over one death from season 4. But, the reactions are sparking more confusion than sadness. In episode 8, Sheriff Haskell was shot and killed in a diner shootout when John and Rip barged in, guns blazing. Fans are wondering why the two had to get involved at all.

In a Reddit thread titled, “Diner shootout….Aka ‘Rip & John get the sheriff killed,’” fans went back and forth on whether or not the sheriff would have died if John and Rip hadn’t gotten involved. “How many times have you seen a holdup of a small business result in the idiots holding up the place killing a bunch of people?” the original post asked. “Doesn’t happen. They want the money and they leave. So, of course, it makes sense for Rip and John to bust in there firing…and basically spook the men into shooting the sheriff.”

They ended with the musing, “Lots in this show doesnt make sense. This is the most doesnt make sense moment to me.”

As for other fans, they seem to be under the impression that John made a huge mistake getting involved in the hold-up. Now, he doesn’t have a sheriff in his pocket. The new sheriff may not be as accepting of the Duttons just doing whatever they want all the time. “The sheriff was corrupt and in John’s pocket,” one fan wrote. “The new sheriff is going to play it straight, which will complicate John’s actions.”

Another fan commented, “The new sheriff will not be corrupt, so it will fall back to John doing this to himself. I mean, even Beth screamed at him for doing it. Don’t expect the sheriff department to be team Dutton like they use to. And John will see that and knows he is to blame.”

‘Yellowstone’: Fans Think Haskell’s Exit Was ‘Sloppy’

One fan brought up the fact that the actor, Hugh Dillon, was on both “Yellowstone” and “Mayor of Kingstown.” They wrote, “It looks like Taylor was lightening the load but it was one of the sloppiest character exits I have seen.”

To a lengthy reply commenting on the fact that “it’s just a TV show,” another fan replied, “Ok but that was just an awful sequence and didn’t make any sense in terms of the story. It was a lazy way to get the sheriff off the show.”

There’s a fine line between ridiculousness because it’s fiction, and ridiculousness that doesn’t make sense with the story. John and Rip involved with the diner hold-up seems to fall in the latter category, at least for some fans. Sure, writers have to take liberties sometimes to make a story work, that’s why we suspend our disbelief. But when absurd things happen and keep happening, we can only suspend our disbelief so much. It gets tiring after a while.

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