Why ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Have Concerns About Jimmy & Emily’s Future

When we last saw Jimmy Hurdstrom on “Yellowstone,” he was driving off into the sunset with his new fiancee, Emily.

But happy endings don’t last forever, and some “Yellowstone” fans wonder whether Jimmy and Emily will last long-term. A curious fan posted a poll on Reddit earlier today asking fans if they thought the couple would stay together. As of 3:30 p.m EST, an overwhelming majority said yes, they think Jimmy and Emily will last.

That doesn’t mean they won’t have their ups and downs, though. Several fans see those two as the main characters of Taylor Sheridan’s upcoming “6666” spin-off series. And if that’s the case, then it wouldn’t make good TV if they didn’t have a little drama.

“I believe Jimmy, and Emily, are going to be on the 6666 show. That was Jimmy’s final goodbye in ‘Yellowstone.’ Most likely,” one fan commented on the poll. “The Jimmy storyline was made to advertise for the new show. I’d imagine those two are going to be characters on it, and we’ll focus on their story a bit.”

Jim vs. Jimmy on ‘Yellowstone’ and ‘6666’

Another fan wrote on the Reddit poll, “I think the real question is, will Emily and Jim last? If he reverts back to season 2-3 Jimmy, then they’re toast.”

Now THAT is an interesting take. All “Yellowstone” fans universally melted inside when John Dutton called him Jim at the end of the Season 4 finale. It really showed Jimmy’s growth over the last season while he was away in Texas. If he keeps going by Jim down at the Four-Sixes, we wouldn’t be disappointed.

But if Jimmy’s old (bad) habits start following him down south, then he could run into problems. Especially in terms of his relationship with Emily. A different fan pointed out one way that Jimmy’s past could represent a major speed bump in their engagement.

“[In my honest opinion], the only thing that might come between them is if all the secrets of the train station from ‘Yellowstone’ come out,” the fan theorized. “And Jimmy gets in trouble with the law like some of the others who knew about such things.”

This is a very real possibility. Now that Beth and Jamie Dutton are playing around with using the train station as leverage/blackmail, the secret of the Dutton graveyard could easily turn the Yellowstone ranch hands into criminals. We’re not sure how much Emily knows about Jimmy’s criminal behavior in the past, but she likely wouldn’t be too happy if he was arrested for murder or a similar charge.

But in the end, most fans are holding out hope for the duo. The same fan from above also said, “I think they will last. He has always been completely honest with her. I don’t think Mia can come between them at this point unless they want to turn the ‘6666’ show into a sappy soap opera.”

Whether or not that happens, we can’t wait to see Emily and Jimmy on our screens again.

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