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Why ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Said Doctor Baker Actor Kevin Hagen ‘Had His Hands Full’ on Set

“Little House on the Prairie” aired for 9 seasons. Throughout that time, we saw a lot of growth between the characters on screen and increased character dynamics. Additionally, Doctor Baker actor Kevin Hagen became iconic for his appearances on the show. However, Caroline Ingalls actress Karen Grassle revealed he also “has his hands full” off the screen.

During an earlier interview with Barnaby Marriott, Grassle received a question surrounding her memories of each cast member. Of Hagen, she said, “Kevin was very, very attractive to women and as a single dad, he had his hands full. He was always sweet as pie.”

Very “Little House” of her. But her memories of the iconic actor just scratch the surface of his role on the show. During the interview, she also said Hagen wholly remained “in charge of the show.”

More specifically, he wrote, directed, produced, and starred in “Little House on the Prairie” during its 9 season run.

However, Grassle further highlighted that, despite all of his responsibilities, “[he] was totally in his element…Michael was very extroverted, so it wasn’t so much a matter of coping with all this, as simply being up to the physical demands.”

She further highlighted Hagen’s dedication to “Little House on the Prairie.” She additionally detailed a time when the actor and producer became extremely ill. She emphasized that his illness became so detrimental to his death, he very well could have died. Thankfully, he didn’t and of his return to the set, she said, “We were all amazed at his physical endurance.”

‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Clueless He’d Become a Teen Idol

During the 19-century-based show’s time on the air, we watched many of the cast’s young characters grow into mature young adults. Most recognizable is the show’s starring American girl, Laura Ingalls. However, while we fell time and again for the young character’s sweet personality, she wasn’t the only show icon.

Later into the “Little House on the Prairie” reign, we were introduced to Albert Ingalls, who eventually became one of the Ingalls’ couple’s many children. He joined their biological children Mary, Laura, Carrie, and Grace.

He kicked off his career on the hit show at only eight years old. However, as he grew, there’s no denying his growth into a teen heartthrob.

Although interestingly, despite his well-earned fame, the actor did not recognize his growth into a teen idol, nor did he much care for it. During an earlier interview, he revealed, “I think some people just sort of roll around in that and just enjoy the accolades and the girls chasing after you.” He then explained, “I was a shy, shy kid. I had my animals. I really didn’t know that I was popular.”

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