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Which Character From The Sopranos Are You based On Your Zodiac Sign?

The Sopranos is filled with colorful characters that are all unique in their own ways. Based on the cast, what is your Zodiac sign?

1The Sopranos is filled with colorful characters that are all unique in their own ways and many fans can relate to certain aspects of individual characters. Some fans can relate to Tony’s anger issues, Livia’s manipulation tactics or Adriana’s loyalty. But how can someone who is not in the mob or even from New Jersey relate to these characters?

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What do they have in common? Could it be their zodiac sign? The zodiac may not be scientific, but many believe it influences their personalities, the way they think and relate to the world. Which The Sopranos character are you based off your zodiac sign?

Christopher – Pisces

Christopher is a stereotypical water sign with his troubled soul and deep desire for his life to mean something. Another main Pisces trait Christopher posses is his struggle with substance abuse. Pisces are more likely to dabble in drugs or alcohol as a way of escaping reality.

Along with his desire to hide from reality, he has quite the imagination. Christopher attempts to express himself through a creative outlet which for him was writing. There are many famous troubled Pisces in artistic industries such as Johnny Cash and Jon Bon Jovi, so at least Christopher is in good company.

Adriana – Capricorn

Capricorns are known for their work ethic as well as their appreciation for the arts and their devotion to their loved ones. This Earth sign appears confident and grounded on the outside, but on the inside she has a soft heart and a need for validation and love.

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Adriana held down two jobs while pursing her dream of being a music manager which emits Cancer energy. She also dealt with underlying self doubt and a strong sense of loyalty. It was ultimately her loyalty to Christopher that led to her devastating demise.

Dr. Melfi – Virgo

Dr. Melfi remains grounded and calm even during chaos. Along with the ability to remain unfazed, she is nurturing, modest, and slightly secretive, much like a Virgo. Virgos are pros at making people feel connected to them without ever sharing their own personal information. This is exactly what Dr. Melfi does with Tony.

Dr. Melfi showed her Virgo traits with her tendency to overthink, like when she kept going back and forth on whether or not to put Tony back on her schedule, and she can be defensive, such as when she yelled at her therapist. Typical Virgo.

Livia – Scorpio

The Sopranos is filled with tough male mafia members, but true fans know the real gangster is Livia. You won’t find this grandma in the kitchen baking cookies, but you fill find her at the retirement community manipulating her brother-in-law into killing her only son. Livia is the master manipulator on the series, and you know who else are manipulators? Scorpios.

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Scorpios are the known manipulators of the zodiac. They also need to be in control, hate relying on others, and can be rather dominating and resentful. All of which perfectly sums up Livia. Like Tony said, if Livia had been born after the feminist movement she would have been the real gangster.

Cancer – Artie

Cancers are another sensitive, slippery water sign with often complicated emotions. Cancers are one of the most caring signs and they are also one of the most emotional. Artie oozes Cancer energy with his soft nurturing nature along with his emotional outbursts, like when he pointed a gun a Tony with tears in his eyes.

The main reason Artie is classified as a Cancer though, is his love of food. Cancers are the known culinary experts of the zodiac. Artie might love his family and friends, but his main source of joy is his restaurant.

Junior – Sagittarius

Sagittariuses are one of the three fire signs in the zodiac which means they can be a bit hot headed and posses big egos, much like Junior Soprano. Junior is controlled by his ego and his quick temper, which was proven when he tried to take out his own nephew in season 1.

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While Sagittariuses appear to be full of confidence, they are often insecure and can be emotional. They need people around them to stroke their egos which is probably why Junior kept Mikey around even though every fan knew he was a tool.

Meadow – Taurus

Taurus women are difficult to rattle as they are filled with an unshakable confident and are naturally independent, much like Miss Meadow. Meadow knows where she’s going in life and nothing will stop her, not even her mob boss father. Tauruses are the bulls of the zodiac as they are strong, stubborn, and not to be provoked.

Meadow proves she’s a Taurus with her ability to hide her emotional stress until she is provoked. Carmela and Tony had no idea how much pressure their daughter was under, until they nagged her to the point she exploded.

A.J. – Aquarius

A.J. is often in the background of the Soprano family as he doesn’t quite fit in with his loud and abrasive clan. While his family was fighting at the dinner table, he was trying to engage everyone in a conversation about DNA. A.J. much like other Aquariuses rebelled against his parents’ authority in order to be an individual.

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A.J. also cared about the environment. For example he told his parents he sold promotional items from Blockbusters to help save the environment. Aquariuses are known for being environmentalists and caring about the greater good.

Silvio – Leo

Leos are known for their sense of humor and charm. They’re also natural performers and who in The Sopranos is consistently entertaining everyone? Silvio keeps the group laughing with his spot on impressions. Silvio lightened the show up at times as a comedic relief.

Not only can Leos entertain you and make you laugh, they can sweet talk anyone. Silvio proves this when he’s driving Adriana to her death, but still attempts to charm her and pretend to be her friend. For a moment Silvio’s convincing performance almost made fans believe he wouldn’t kill Adriana.

Paulie – Gemini

Geminis get a bad reputation for being the wild cards of the zodiac as they have a low tolerance for betrayal and their anger is terrifying. But Geminis are not all bad, they have several great qualities such as their ability to be friendly extroverts. Even when Paulie is in a different country, he’s out going and attempts to make friends.

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There’s no doubt Paulie is an alpha male as he never shies away from the dirty deeds and doesn’t mind giving orders to those beneath him in the ranks. Gemini men are also known to be quite the flirt, much like Paulie who calls every woman he sees a pet name.

Carmela – Libra

It’s no easy task being the leading lady of The Sopranos and Carmela does it with as much grace and dignity as she  can. She is giving, sociable, classy, and only has eyes for one man no matter how many times he screws her over. Carmela fits the bill of a Libra with her ability to sweep things under the rug yet defend herself when she needs to.

Libra women are sadly known for staying in bad relationships for too long as they are the hopeless romantics of the zodiac. In season 1 Carmela has her doubts about her husband, but she tells Father Phil, she loves him anyways.

Tony – Aries

Tony Soprano is an angry, insecure man who can be blowing up in someone’s face one minute and opening up to his therapist the next. Tony is a classic Aries with his dislike of being told what to do and his need for affection and understanding.

Aries are not open books with everyone but with a few select people they will share all their secrets. Which means if you’re a person an Aries let in, do not betray it. Aries might seem soft at heart once they let you in, but this is not a sign you want to make mad, because there will be repercussions.

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