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Which Breaking Bad Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

With the eccentric and random characters, maybe their zodiac will explain why they're all so crazy.

The hit show Breaking Bad is considered by many to be the greatest television series of all time, and all of that is down to the excellent characters that are part of the series. From hardened criminals to cool cops and everything in between, with the detail being incredible.

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There aren’t countless characters in this series like many others, but the detail put into them helped tell some amazing stories. Because of that, many of the characters are relatable and within this list, we will see which character you’re most like based on the zodiac signs.

Aries: Hank Schrader

Dean Norris as Hank Schrader in Better Call Saul

Hank Schrader is one of Breaking Bad’s most popular characters and one of the shows true good guys. Working for the police, he is a true leader of men, and that’s why he is an Aries. People with this zodiac tend to be great leaders and very charismatic people, which Hank certainly is.

It’s his over the top personality that made him so popular with fans in the first place, but he also isn’t so much of a rule follower. Hank enjoys doing things his way, no matter what, and sometimes that works out, and other times it leaves him in trouble, such as the shootout that results in his death.

Taurus: Skyler White

Skyler White was someone who many fans often complain about, but she really is a character that is put in an unbelievably difficult spot due to her husband’s behavior. One of the reasons that fans didn’t like her was because of how stubborn she was against Walter throughout the majority of the series.

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Stubbornness just happens to be a major trait for Taurus’, not to mention the fact that they are major underdogs. Nobody expects much of Skyler, but when she finds out about Walt’s empire, she quickly helps him take things to the next level with her intelligence.

Gemini: Gus Fring

Gus Fring proves to be the main villain throughout Breaking Bad and is one of the greatest characters in the show. His drug empire is untouched and he manages to remain above the law, despite working closely with them purely to show how intelligent he is.

Gus can adapt himself to any situation, whether he is on the upper hand or he is the underdog and that is an excellent trait. Another reason he is a Gemini is that Gus doesn’t get too emotional. Geminis aren’t known for getting overly attached, which Gus certainly doesn’t as he is ice cold.

Cancer: Tuco Salamanca

Tuco Salamanca is the first real nemesis that Walter and Jesse have to come up against and he is someone who is known to fly off the handle with his anger and aggression. His mood swings and incredible aggression make him a Cancer, as they are known for often becoming easily frustrated.

However, even though Tuco is incredibly scary to those who he comes up against he is equally as loyal to those who help him. If someone does work for Tuco, he tries to look out for them and protect them, which is another Cancer trait.

Leo: Steve Gomez

Steven Gomez pointing a gun in Breaking Bad

Steve Gomez may only be a supporting character throughout the show, but he is one that fans really loved. He worked alongside Hank in the police force and because of that he certainly shows plenty of bravery by putting himself in the line of fire.

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Leo’s are known for being strong, brave, and dependable, and Gomez is all three of those things as he is always there for his friends. He also has an incredibly warm and confident personality, which are yet more traits that make him a Leo.

Virgo: Mike Ehrmantraut

An image of Mike looking concerned in Breaking Bad

While Leo’s are known for being dependable, when it comes to reliability it is Virgos who are the number one and nobody in Breaking Bad can be trusted more than Mike. Sure, his line of work is incredibly questionable as he cleans up other people’s mess, which includes killing people, but if a job needs doing he will be there.

Patience and hard work are also traits of a Virgo and Mike ticks those boxes as well. He is pushed to his limit at times by people who frustrate and annoy him, yet he never bites, and the fact he remains loyal until his death is a testament to him.

Libra: Saul Goodman

Saul Goodman, much like Mike is someone who gets dragged into this insane world but is also quite a dodgy character. However, he does provide sound legal advice and always tries to keep his clients out of trouble, which makes him the perfect Libra.

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Libra’s are known for being people pleasers who don’t want arguments or fights, and that is very much true for Saul as the less attention the better. He also always tends to provide a positive outlook, even when the situation is overwhelmingly negative, which is another top Libra trait.

Scorpio: Jesse Pinkman

jesse-pinkman breaking-bad-aaron-paul rs

Scorpios are amongst some of the more loyal and honest people that you could ever meet, and despite the world that Jesse Pinkman operates in, he is both of those things. He is also incredibly brave and determined, as he pushes to make himself a success and goes through more punishment and abuse than anyone on the show.

Scorpios are known to be fun to be around, and Jesse proves he can throw a wild party if drugs and alcohol are your thing. He is also a fantastic friend that stays loyal to those who he worked with long before he hit the big time.

Sagittarius: Walter White Jr.

Walt Jr. at breakfast table in Breaking Bad

Walt Jr. is an excellent character in Breaking Bad who really brings honesty to the family. He is seemingly the only person in the White household who doesn’t lie or cheat his way out of situations, and instead says things exactly how they are.

Honesty the main trait of a Saggitarius, alongside being independent and optimistic. Walter Jr is always optimistic about his father’s healthy, while also having to be independent due to his illness, which is why he’s such a strong character.

Capricorn: Walter White

Walter White Heisenberg car phone rs

The main trait of a Capricorn is their ambition. They don’t know when to stop pushing for goals, no matter how lofty they are and they are very persistent about making that happen. Well, that’s certainly the case when it comes to Walter White and his drug empire.

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Once he starts, Walt simply cannot stop. He pushes and pushes until things spiral out of his control, and while he does earn millions, he also loses absolutely everything that he is working so hard to protect in the process.

Aquarius: Gale Boetticher

Gale Boetticher is truly a very unique individual, and that is why he is the ideal Aquarius. They are known for being free spirits and anytime the show highlights Gale inside his own home, it is pretty clear he is a unique character.

Aquarius’ are also very intelligent people, and while Gale never quite gets to the level of Walter White at being able to cook meth, he is certainly very smart. There’s a reason why Gus brings him in, and that’s because of his creativity and brainpower.

Pisces: Marie Schrader

Marie Schrader smiling in Breaking Bad

People who are Pisces tend to have quite complex personalities that are hard to really understand. Marie certainly ticks that box as on the outside, she presents herself as posh and in control, yet on the inside, she’s an emotional wreck who really isn’t happy with her life.

Marie does bring plenty of empathy to the show though, as she often takes things to the extreme ends straight away. That’s what makes her a fantastic sister, even though Skyler often resents her for it.

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