What happened to Christina Applegate, the oldest of ‘Married with Children’?

Who is now Jay Pritchett in tv show Modern Family (Ed O’Neill), was one day the iconic Al Bundy in sitcom Married with Children. The kids were two: son Bud (David Faustino) and the eldest daughter Kelly Bundy played by a Christina Applegate who was 16 when the series began to air.


From ’87 until ’97, 11 seasons with more than 250 episodes that gave us to see Kelly evolve and get into almost all urban styles of that time. But what has Christina done since then?

christina-applegate-Cameron Diaz

Well the truth is that, even though we can not speak of a stellar career. Christina Applegate has not done badly. The following year of finishing the Married with Children she starred in another series. In which Applegate helps Jesse Warner, a single mother who was trying to find love again.

Jesse came to an end in 2000, and after that Christina Applegate went through some movies including some TV series. Among which perhaps the most famous is The sweetest thing in which she shared the bill with Cameron Diaz and Selma Blair.

Shortly after she returned to the essence to new sitcoms: Samantha, what? (2007-2009) and Without hitting eye (2011-2012). The series did not fit too well, but we must emphasize that the husband was Will Arnett, the original actor who puts the voice to one of the best Batmans in history.

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If one thing is clear, it is that she is a woman of comedy. In fact right now she is immersed in the production of Dead to Me, a comedy of black humor announced last April as one of the future novelties of Netflix in collaboration with CBS.

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