‘Three’s Company’: How Many Awards Did the Classic Series Win?

The long-running ABC classic TV sitcom “Three’s Company” not only was a hit from 1977 to 1984, but it also drew in a lot of award nominations. But just how many awards did the show win?

According to IMDb, “Three’s Company” won a total of six awards during its TV run. John Ritter won a Primetime Emmy as Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his role. He also won a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Comedy or Musical. Norman Fell scored a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Television Series for his role on the show.

The “Three’s Company” ended up winning a People’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Comedy Program in 1978 and 1984. In 2006, “Three’s Company won the Online Film & Television Association’s TV Hall of Fame award. The series ended up having a total of 21 award nominations.

“Three’s Company” was a TV series about the misadventures of two women and one man living in one apartment and their neighbors. The series starred John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt, and Suzanne Somers (she appeared in the series until 1981). Jenilee Harrison replaced Somers on the series.

‘Three’s Company’ Star Suzanne Somers Said Her ‘Lovable’ Character Had a ‘Moral Code’ 

During her interview with Yahoo Life’s “Unapologetically Suzanne Video Series,” Suzanne Somers opened up about her “Three’s Company” character’s personality. “I am really proud of creating that dumb blonde cause she had a moral code. She was lovable.”

Suzanne Somers described herself as the “first feminist” when it came to television. This is due to her requesting to be paid the same amount as her “Three’s Company” male co-stars. “All the men were being paid 10 to 15 times more than me. So my contract was up, I renegotiated and I was fired for asking, essentially.”

Although the “Three’s Company” producers promoted her for the series, Suzanne Somers stated that she only made seven cameos during her finale season on the show. “They used me to be able to perpetuate the fact that Suzanne Somers was still on the show while they were trying out other girls. I don’t know how much money they lost when they broke up that chemistry but I think it was in the billions. I hear it all the time to this day: ‘I never watched again when you weren’t there.’”

Although it was a tough situation for her, Suzanne Somers stated that her husband, Alan Hamel, helped her through it. “He said, ‘We’re going to make this work for us or only go to work for ourselves going forward,’” she recalled. “And so that’s pretty much how we became the entrepreneurs that we are.”

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