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The Sopranos: 10 Hidden Details You Missed About The Soprano Mansion

Tony's house in The Sopranos is a beautiful mansion, an asset that fits with his mafia rank. Here are some small things you may have missed!

The Sopranos fans were recently offered the opportunity to own something that once belonged to Tony Soprano after the New Jersey Don’s Cadillac Escalade hit the market (via New York Post). The car is the second major asset from the show to be listed after the Soprano mansion went on sale for $3.4 million in 2019

As one of the most featured locations on the HBO show (only missing in nine episodes), the luxury home is recognizable to many fans. However, there are a couple of tiny details about it that might have not been captured by the eyes and attention of viewers.

The Same Books Remain On The Shelves Throughout The Series

Tony Soprano relaxes on the couch in The Sopranos

Seven books can be seen on the shelves of the living room throughout the series. These include The Sicilian by Mario Puzzo, Crime Times Three by P. D. James, The Scorpio Illusion by Robert Ludlum, God Does Play Dice: The Autobiography of a Holocaust Survivor by Klara Samuels, A Stranger in the Mirror by Sidney Sheldon, and The Feast of Lupercal by Brian Moore.

Since no member of the Soprano family is ever seen reading a book in the house, it makes sense that no one ever bothers to change the ones that are present. And the inclusion of The Sicilian by Mario Puzzo in the collection comes as no surprise either since the book is set in the same universe as The Godfather, a movie that’s adored by DiMeo crime family members and makes up a good chunk of the pop culture references in The Sopranos.

The Weapons Are Rather Easy To Find

Carmela grabs a gun after hearing a noise outside in The Sopranos

When Carmella once hears a noise outside as she is with Father Phil, she pulls out a gun from the hollowed-out Roman column in the living room. Inside it, there is an AK-47, a Colt 1911 MK IV 80 pistol, and a military grenade.

It’s a bit strange for Tony to be hiding weapons in the living room. For a mobster of his repute, there is always the likelihood that the authorities could pop up at any time. And while an argument can be made for the guns being licensed, a military grenade is something a “waste management consultant” shouldn’t be in possession of.

The Basement Is Rather Tiny Compared To The Size Of The House

Big Pussy lies to Tony about his absence in The Sopranos

While the Soprano mansion is quite huge, the basement is very small. Its size can be seen when Tony meets Big Pussy there and when the FBI plants a bug.

Though this makes little sense within the context of the show, the explanation lies in the production process. Most of the interior scenes weren’t actually filmed in the actual New Jersey house but at Silvercup Studios in New York. It should thus be presumed that there was limited space at the filming location and since the basement wasn’t always a big part of the storylines, it wouldn’t have been wise to allocate too much floor space to it.

The House Is Located In One Of The Wealthiest Neighborhoods In America

An exterior view of Tony Soprano's mansion

The Soprano family home is located in North Caldwell, New Jersey. However, the exact address is never stated on the show.

Though mob bosses avoid going the John Gotti route by showing off their wealth, most of them prefer to live comfortably. Moreover, Tony’s choice of neighborhood sure is appropriate for a Cosa Nostra Don. After all, North Caldwell was once ranked the 34th richest place in the United States (via Bloomberg).

Only Tony & A.J. Bother With The TV

AJ plays video games as Tony watches in The Sopranos

Only Tony and A,J, ever have time for the TV on the wall. Tony likes watching some of the best classic movies and war documentaries, while A.J. is seen playing Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, and Xbox 360 on it at different stages of the series.

This is a reflection of the interests of the Soprano family members. As one of the smartest characters in The Sopranos, Meadow often prefers burying herself in books more than anything else. Additionally, she goes to college quite early in the series, which means she never gets to spend much time at home. Carmela, on other hand, has to spend her time doing different things around the house to take care of the family and isn’t seen relaxing very often.

Dr. Cusamano having dinner in The Sopranos

Viewers only get to learn of Tony’s two neighbors: Dr. Cusamano and Mr. Ruggerio. Of the two, only Dr. Cusamano is ever seen.

Mr. Rugerrio’s presence in the neighborhood raises questions about the show’s logic since he is a plumber, a job that pays well at approximately $60,000 a year (via Talent), but perhaps not enough to purchase a house in the neighbourhood. How exactly he is able to afford a house in such an upmarket neighborhood is a mystery. After all, he isn’t just pretending to be a plumber the same way Tony is pretending to be a waste management consultant.

There’s A 3-Car Garage

Tony Sopranos pulls out of his home's parking lot

There is a garage attached to the house, which can accommodate a total of three cars. However, it’s mostly empty.

Among the cool cars of The Sopranos, Tony only ever owns two: a Chevrolet Suburban and a Cadillac Escalade. He is, therefore, never in need of more parking space. As for the cars belonging to Carmela. A.J. and Meadow, they only get featured briefly before vanishing without explanation, something that definitely counts as a plot hole.

A.J’s Loves Metal Bands

A.J inside his room in The Sopranos

A.J’s room has a computer and a bed. On the walls, there are posters of the metal band Type O’Negative, as well as Soulfly.

The HBO show often makes characters relatable and sticking posters on walls is something many teenagers have done. The show also has some of the most perfect uses of music. Unfortunately, A.J’s love for metal is never infused into the storyline. He is rarely seen blasting tunes from the genre through the speakers, an action that would have fit with his rebellious nature.

The Pool’s Connection To Tony & Carmela’s Relationship Woes

Tony jumps into the pool - The Sopranos

There are only two times when the pool gets used for swimming: when Tony jumps into it after asking Carmela what Wegler wanted and when Tony tries to get intimate with Carmela during a party.

The first swimming session is in line with a looming separation. Carmela has already started getting attracted to A.J’s guidance counselor, Robert Wegler, and it’s only a matter of time before she leaves Tony. On the second occasion, Tony is desperately trying to get her back, but isn’t successful. The only other times the pool plays a major part in the story are during the duck scenes and the attempted suicide incidents.

The Kitchen Furniture Keeps Changing

Tony opens the door in The Sopranos

The kitchen is the only place in the house where the furniture keeps changing. In some scenes, there is an octagon-shaped counter and in others, there is a rectangular high table.

From Carmela flirting with Furio to Tony yelling at the kids, plenty of scenes take place inside the house kitchen. For this reason, the cast and crew were always going to change a couple of things about it every couple of episodes. Luckily, the furniture change is never so glaring that it messes with the continuity.

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