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The Sopranos: 10 Friendships Nobody Saw Coming

It's hard to trust anyone in the world of The Sopranos and friendships usually turn out bad. Here are the most unlikely friendships in the series.

There weren’t a lot of genuine friendships in the iconic HBO series, The Sopranos. New Jersey crime boss Tony Soprano struggles to balance his family life and work and although he has a tough time trusting people, he has a tight circle of friends. Unfortunately, most friendships don’t survive in the ruthless world of The Sopranos. 

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Regardless, a few surprising friendships did pop up from time to time. These shocking friendships nearly turned Jersey upside down. Of course, it’s a mistake even to trust your best friend in The Sopranos.

Tony & Dr. Melfi

Tony and Dr. Melfi in her office in The Sopranos.

Tony starts to see Dr. Jennifer Melfi after he suffers from anxiety attacks and severe depression. But Tony and Melfi had more than just a doctor-patient relationship. They formed something of a friendship that had its up and downs. Melfi gave Tony great advice over the years. However, Tony was often hostile, challenging to deal with, and rude.

He also develops feelings for Melfi. Regardless, Melfi’s moral compass makes it impossible for them to become closer friends or even more. Eventually, Melfi realizes the truth about Tony and drops him as a client.

Adriana & Agent Robyn Sanseverino

Adriana updates her FBI handler Deborah in The Sopranos.

In season 4, Adriana La Cerva becomes an informant for the F.B.I. She tried not to betray Christopher and the family, however, she found it impossible to confide in her friends and loves ones, so she looked to the F.B.I. for friendship.

During her time as an informant, Adriana forms a bond with Agent Robyn Sanseverino. Of course, it’s not a close friendship, but Adriana tries to get to know her. Agent Sanseverino briefly opens up and explains her reasons for joining the F.B.I. They also discuss Vito calling Adriana while Christopher’s in rehab. Agent Sanseverino’s disgusted, like a good friend would be.

Uncle Junior & Carter

Uncle Junior And Carter two side by side images from The Sopranos

Corrado Soprano Jr. aka Uncle Junior climbed his way up the ladder to become the boss of the family. After shooting Tony, Junior ended up in a mental health facility, and surprisingly, he becomes friends with a fellow patient, Carter Chong.

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Junior spent his life around mobsters and rarely associated with anyone outside of the Italian American community. Regardless, Junior takes a liking to Carter and they become close friends. Junior mentored Carter and got a chance to relive his glory days, one last time.

Tony & Artie

Artie confronts Tony about the fraud at the Vesuvio in The Sopranos

Tony and Artie Bucco were childhood friends and remained close as adults. They both live very different lifestyles. For instance, Tony’s a wealthy and highly successful criminal, while Artie lives a more humble life. Of course, Artie is a successful chef that owns the popular restaurant Vesuvio’s and he has nothing to do with the criminal underworld.

Surprisingly, Tony and Artie have been friends for years. Tony often tries to help Artie, but there’s always something in it for him. They somehow remain friends, despite being from two different worlds.

Sal & Skip

Two side by side images of Sal & Skip from The Sopranos

Sal Bonpensiero spent most of his life as a member of the Soprano crew and he didn’t have any friends outside of his circle of mobsters. Later, the F.B.I. forces Sal to become an informant to avoid jail time and he begins to feel like an outsider around his friends.

The only person he can somewhat open up to is F.B.I. Agent Skip Lipari. Sal starts to view Skip as a friend and even buys him a gift. Of course, Skip doesn’t feel the same way, although there’s a bit of friendship between them, and Skip bails Sal out of trouble more than once.

Tony & Adriana

Tony and Adriana in The Sopranos

For years, Tony and Adriana had mutual respect for one another. He considered her part of the family because of her relationship with Christopher. However, they never seemed very close or even friends. But in the season 5 episode, “Irregular Around the Margins,” Tony and Adriana start to get a lot closer.

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Of course, there’s a physical attraction there, but a friendship also develops. Regardless, Tony and Adriana are strictly friends and never cross the line. Later, they’re involved in a car accident that results in nasty rumors being spread around, but throughout it all, they remain friends but keep their distance from each other.

Christopher & J.T. Dolan

Two side by side images of Christopher & JT Dolan

A mobster and screenwriter becoming close friends seems unlikely. However, Christopher and J.T. Dolan have a lot in common, and they both struggle with addiction and love movies. Chris and J.T. become friends after meeting during a stint in rehab. They formed a close bond and could confide in each other.

Of course, it’s a pretty one-sided friendship, with Chris taking advantage of J.T. For instance, Chris forced J.T. to write the screenplay for his movie Cleaver and gave him no creditIn the end, Christopher was a terrible friend to J.T. Christopher committed a long list of heinous crimes, including eventually murdering J.T.

Tony & Bobby

Tony Soprano and Bobby stand side by side looking down.

At first glance, it seemed impossible that Tony and Bobby Bacala would ever become friends. Indeed, Tony was often mean and cruel to Bobby and viewed him as an underling that took care of his Uncle Junior. However, over time, Tony began to respect Bobby, and they became friends.

Bobby was a hard worker, loyal and even beat Tony in a fight. He became one of Tony’s top-earning and most successful capos and they became brothers-in-law when Bobby married Janice. Later, Bobby became one of Tony’s right-hand men and a close confidante.

Furio & Carmella

Furio dances with Carmela at his welcoming party in The Sopranos

Carmella Soprano and Furio Giunta were an unlikely friendship that became more. Carmella has a small circle of friends and struggles to gain Tony’s attention. Of course, that all changes when she meets Furio. He makes her feel unique and important. It started as an innocent friendship, but they soon developed strong feelings for each other.

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At first, they would have friendly conversations over coffee while waiting for Tony. Soon, Furio came up with reasons to call her, and Carmella would drop by his place unannounced. Regardless, they never act on their feelings and are really nothing more than friends.

Tony & Agent Dwight Harris

Tony & Agent Harris in The Sopranos

Tony avoided prison because of corrupt law enforcement officers, although there were a few good ones. F.B.I. Agent Dwight Harris falls in both categories. He spent most of his career trying to capture Tony, but shockingly, they form an unlikely alliance.

Harris moves into the terrorism division but often stops by Satriale’s for a veal parm hero and visits Tony. Tony gives Harris a tip on potential terrorists that hung out at the Bada Bing. Later, Harris provides Tony with information to track down New York crime boss Phil Leotardo. After hearing that someone shot Phil, Harris yells, “We’re gonna win this thing.”

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