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The Nanny Was An Unmatched Icon Of The Fashion World And These Are Some Of Her Best Lewks

Alrighty friends, it’s about time we spoke about Fran Drescher in The Nanny. I was recently rewatching some episodes (which have aged beautifully btw, and are up on Stan if you wanna binge some greatness), and my lord, the LOOKS that were served. I simply need to talk about them.

Playing as the iconic Fran Fine, Drescher gave us stylish dresses, coats and tops that rivalled the models that would often wear the same outfits on the runway. The brands were REAL, the serve was impeccable every time, and the accessories were to die for.

Before I go over my favourite looks from The Nanny, I would just like to say that Fran Fine wasn’t just wearing these super fashionable looks, but was a fashion icon in and of herself. People were and still are inspired by her impeccable taste. Calling it: we’ve never had a lead character this fkn fierce in our lifetime.

Also, huge shoutout to the Instagram account @whatfranwore, which has collected heaps and heaps of Fran Fine looks for us to easily browse through whenever we feel uninspired by the grey trackies in our wardrobe.

This 90s Does 60s Black-and-White Fit

So you’re telling me she was looking after three kids while looking fresh off the runway?

Alright, werk. Spice up your workplace, y’know.

This Plein Sud Moment

Why should I do anything in life if I’m not wearing a head-to-toe look from an uber elegant designer?

And the hair? Don’t speak to me I’m busy adoring.

Another Black-and-White Serve

If I saw this look from The Nanny coming at me while I was walking down the street, I would simply move to the other side of the road.

I am not worthy of being in its path. Hell, even on the same street.

The Tempo Paris Red and Black Dress

Elegant, gorgeous and divinely shape accentuating.

Mr. Sheffield always looks grey and drab next to her, which is fine by me honestly, The Nanny is her show, not his.

The Hot Pink Trench Coat

I will not know true happiness until I am drowning in this coat.

This Whole Fkn Outfit

The coat? Simply iconic. The outfit underneath the coat? Just as divine.

Everything about this look from The Nanny is badass. I’m in love.

Jean Paul Gaultier Faux Fur Jacket

Would love to know why people recommend you buy thermals before going to the snow and not this look instead.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that this look probably cost a fortune, but hey, it pays to look hot.

My Dream Wedding Dress

I desire to be found guilty of my husband’s murder in this chic Thierry Mugler dress.

The Rainbow Mohair Turtleneck Sweater

Ma’am, this look is PERFECT. Not gonna lie, this is my fave of the batch. It’s so simple yet so chic, and I adore it so much.

The M&Ms Dress

Skittles, Starburst and M&Ms wrappers make this dress a shimmering beauty in the Fran Fine collection.

The Nanny star Drescher had the ability to make the tacky and weird look fashion forward and artsy, and for that we have to salute.

Feather Trim Cuffs Jacket With Gold Chanel Bag

Read that again and weep.

The Dolce & Gabbana Lace Top

This is just so Italian chic. Only real ones understand.

Italiano brothers and sisters, slide into my DMs if you love this as much as I do. Something about this was simply made for us to adore. Utterly showstopping

Ralph Lauren Neon Sequin Top


The Las Vegas Bomber Jacket

Special shout out to The Nanny icon Grandma Yetta, who absolutely TURNT this bomber jacket.

Not to support gambling at all, but this just won the jackpot.

There’s literally at least one strong look in every episode, so go ahead and relive it all on Stan when you’re craving a Fran Fine fashion fix.

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