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‘The Nanny’: Fran’s Signature Heels Are a J.C. Penney Find

For six seasons, fans tuned in to watch the hit sitcom The Nanny. The show stars Fran Drescher and Charles Shaughnessy as the lead protagonists. People who fell in love with the series might be happy to hear that there are plans for a Broadway musical adaptation.

There are multiple reasons why Fran is one of the viewer’s favorite characters. One of them is her fashion sense. Her top and bottom pieces often stick out, but her heels help complete the outfit. Behind the scenes, the crew bought the shoes at a major store.

‘The Nanny’ is about fashion icon Fran working as a nanny

The Nanny aired on CBS from 1993 to 1999. The creators of the show are none other than the lead actress Drescher and her then-husband Peter Marc Jacobson. Those who have seen The Sound of Music may notice similarities with The Nanny. The creators used the film to pitch their sitcom successfully. 

Drescher portrayed Fran Fine, who is from Flushing, New York. In the show, Fran arrives at the home of a British producer named Maxwell Sheffield. She was selling cosmetics but ended up getting hired as the nanny for Maxwell’s three children. In the end, Fran ends up marrying and having children with him. 

Fran is an outgoing character and often tries to seduce Maxwell for most of the show. One of her most recognizable traits is her nasal voice paired with a thick New York accent. Another aspect of Fran is that she does not dress like a typical nanny. 

When a person imagines a nanny, they might picture someone wearing plain clothing. However, Fran is a fashion icon, and every episode shows off her wardrobe. She sometimes wears stylish coats, or her outfit has simple colors, but the patterns make Fran stand out. 

Fran is often seen wearing heels in the show

Fran’s colorful and unique fashion choices make her appealing to viewers. While the patterns, colors, and textures tend to change, one thing that stays the same is her option of footwear. The character often wears heels in The Nanny. Whether they are regular high heels or boots, Fran’s wardrobe will include them. 

In an article by the Los Angeles Times, Fran’s prototypal outfit consisted of a bright Moschino jacket over a black turtleneck. It also included a black spandex miniskirt and Fran’s signature high heels. The original pair of shoes were 4 ½-inch pumps by Charles Jourdan. 

The appearance of the heels was more formal, and they were all black. The tips had a pointed shape to give a more professional look, and the material appeared satin. Fans can easily find the brand online if they desire to adopt Fran’s attire. 

The costume designer got Fran’s signature shoes from J.C. Penney

For some productions, the costume designers will create clothes from scratch. Others may buy clothing from stores and make the necessary changes. For example, the team for When Calls the Heart bought items off the rack and made plenty of alterations. The move shows how television crews can improvise with what they have.

The Nanny‘s costume designer, Brenda Cooper, did something similar. At least, she did for Fran’s high heels. She went to J.C. Penney to purchase them. Cooper bought all the copies available in Drescher’s size for roughly $50 a pair. After obtaining the high heels, she then dyed them each episode to match the outfit.

With shoes, it is sometimes easier to buy and alter than to craft original ones. The rest of the character’s clothes likely got purchased from outlet stores. Cooper helped defined Fran’s image from her earrings down to her feet.

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