The Mandalorian’s Marvel Debut Reveals First Look At New Star Wars Series

The Mandalorian is getting its own Marvel Comics series, retelling the epic adventures of Din Djarin and Grogu from the popular Disney+ series.

Din Djarin and Grogu are about to make the leap from the Star Wars television universe to the comic page, as the pair will star in a new The Mandalorian series from Marvel Comics. The publisher revealed the first look at a series of covers for Star Wars: The Mandalorian, which will adapt Mando and The Child’s adventures from the popular streaming series into comic form for the first time.

The Mandalorian was the first-ever live-action Disney+-made Star Wars series and has become one of the most popular shows for the streaming service. Following a Mandalorian named Din Djarin, the bounty hunter forms an unlikely bond with a much sought-after force-sensitive alien called The Child. The series follows the pair on the run as they encounter dangerous threats across the galaxy. The space-western was created by Jon Favreau and stars Pedro Pascal as the self-titled hero. In addition, the adventures of Din Djarin and Grogu will get their own comic book adaptation in a new series from Marvel Comics.

Marvel Comics revealed a first look at the new Star Wars: The Mandalorian eight-issue series coming in July. Written by Rodney Barnes with art from Georges Jeanty, the comic will adapt the popular streaming series, from his first meeting with Grogu to the pair’s travels across space. The comic will adapt the stories from The Mandalorian but will feature new perspectives and moments. As part of the first look, Marvel revealed a series of covers for the issue, including the main cover from Adi Granov.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian will feature seven more variant covers. In order of how they appear below there is a variant cover from Leinil Francis Yu and Sunny Gho, one from Declan Shalvey, another from David Aja, an action figure variant cover from John Tyler Christopher, a Pride variant cover by Phil Jimenez and Arif Prianto, a concept cover from Nick Gindaux, and a TV variant cover that pulls an image from The Mandalorian streaming series.

Marvel Comics also provided an unlettered look at Star Wars: The Mandalorian, which adapts the streaming series’ first episode. In the panels, Mando encounters some familiar faces that fans might be excited to see. Check out the preview for Star Wars: The Mandalorian #1 below.

Even though Grogu does not appear on any of the covers or the first look preview of Star Wars: The Mandalorian #1, have no fear, like in the first episode of The Mandalorian on Disney+, The Child will likely appear at the very end of issue one – although it won’t be a surprise. Readers can check out Star Wars: The Mandalorian #1 by Marvel Comics when it arrives in comic book stores on July 6th.

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