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The Hogwarts Houses Of The Sopranos Characters

What happens when mobsters meet wizards? Find out as we sort the characters of The Sopranos into their respective Hogwarts Houses!

Even for a hardcore gangster TV series, the characters of The Sopranos resonated with fans and audiences. Setting some of their unethical and violent traits aside, one can easily relate to a certain character around Tony Soprano’s inner circle. Thus, they can easily be sorted to any personality metric, including Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Houses.

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So here are ten primary characters in The Sopranos, sorted into their Hogwarts Houses. Some are obvious guesses as to what Hogwarts house they find themselves into. But studying deeper into their character psyches, there is more to them than just their obvious personality.

Bobby Baccalieri: Gryffindor

Bobby Bacala scowling in The Sopranos

Bobby Bacala may be soft-spoken and mocked for his physique. But he is a loyal confidante to Tony Soprano. Starting out as a soldier in the DiMeo family and operator in Junior’s loan shark business, Bacala was rather calm, respectful, and unflappable. Even though he was mocked, he remained respectful, with Tony even apologized to him.

However, Bobby faced a change of attitude when Tony mocked his wife. As a result, he got his first kill as a proof of loyalty and fearlessness towards the family, which is a core quality of a Gryffindor student. For better or worse.

Junior Soprano: Ravenclaw

The Sopranos Junior Soprano

On face value, Junior Soprano may be a seasoned mob boss. But he is still a smart figurehead in the DiMeo family. Early in the series, Tony wanted to gain power over the operations. Yet, with his more cunning personality and his deep resentment of Tony’s abilities, Junior was able to outwit him.

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A crucial attribute as a Ravenclaw is being determined and intelligent to achieve goals. In a lot of ways, Junior exhibited them all. That also includes the negative Ravenclaw traits: backstabbing, being a pushover, and jealousy. However, Junior also showed an offbeat side, another core Ravenclaw trait.

Paulie Gualtieri: Slytherin

Paulie Walnuts proves himself to be a reliable asset to Tony, climbing from soldier to caporegime to underboss of the DiMeo family. Inhabiting a by-the-books gangster mentality, he shows no remorse nor empathy to dealing with foes and quarreling with fellow mobsters, especially Chris. Speaking of which, his competitiveness pushed him to the brink of violence.

Clearly, with his fierce ideologies, impetuous nature, and fierce loyalty to Tony, he is an obvious candidate for the Slytherin House. But aside from his cunning personality, Paulie is also achievement-oriented, whose slow climb to the ranks has been a testament against his seniority.

Silvio Dante: Gryffindor

Tony had a mediator in the form of Silvio Dante to balance out his compulsive demeanor. Silvio is the most pragmatic of Tony’s associates. And because of his skills to counsel and negotiate with other mafia personnel, he mostly accompanies Tony in formal “sit-downs” with opposing mafias. It is no surprise that Silvio becomes consigliere after Tony takes on the role of acting boss.

With his short-temper and valor, Silvio Dante immediately possesses the qualities of a Gryffindor student. That includes his loyalty towards his acquaintances that he would bravely defend, even if it means showing aggression.

Christopher Moltisanti: Slytherin

Chris Moltisanti is a complex character. Despite being a loyal protégé to Tony, who intends to groom him as a future boss, Chris shows moments of impulsiveness and recklessness that sinks his chances more. It adds more salt to the wound when Chris’s drug addiction nearly compromised their operations and led to his fate.

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For better or worse, Chris would be sorted in Slytherin House for not just being shrewd but also being ambitious, determined, and loyal towards fraternity. He may have been a step out of leadership, but he proved that he is a capable “made man” and capo.

Meadow Soprano: Ravenclaw

At first glance, Meadow Soprano is the most innocent of the family. She was a skilled athlete and an aspiring pediatrician. Meadow was deemed very promising in her schooling and Tony cannot help but boast about her. Easily, Meadow would be sorted in the Ravenclaw House with these qualities of intellectuality, intelligence, and sharpness.

However, while she is extremely smart in her academics and confidently talented in extracurricular activities, Meadow becomes receptive of her father’s criminal activities. This results in her being self-indulgent, maudlin, and taciturn when things do not come her way – a negative trait for a Ravenclaw student.

A.J. Soprano: Hufflepuff

An adult Aj speaks to his dad in Season 6

Despite being the soft-spoken of the family, A.J. is a powerful presence in the loosest sense. Unlike Meadow, he is a rampant underachiever who squandered his chances in college and wasted opportunities to lavish spending. It is no wonder that his family finds him a dead weight. From his gullibility and passivity, A.J. is immediately a candidate to Hufflepuff.

In spite of that, Anthony John Soprano Jr. showed positive traits that are aligned to Hufflepuff students like being friendly, accepting, and modest about success. Also, he sometimes values impartiality and benevolence. They balance out A.J.’s inefficiency and people-pleasing attitude.

Carmela Soprano: Ravenclaw

In terms of her character, Carmela DeAngelis Soprano showed both opposite sides of the pole in their most extreme. She can be a caring mother and a doting wife on one hand. On the other, she can be too materialistic and unscrupulous whenever Tony’s criminal exploits take a toll on her. But on a neutral spectrum, Carmela is accepting and keen to others – two qualities that a Ravenclaw resident has.

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While not known for her sharpness nor wit, Carmela is dutiful towards her family. Though, that also leads her to be anxious about Tony’s activities and jealous of Meadow’s successes.

Jennifer Melfi: Hufflepuff

Dr. Melfi is one of the few main characters who have a reserved moral compass throughout the show. She tries her best as a psychiatrist to assist Tony in his panic attacks. And despite moments that nearly compromise her sudden attractions to her client, she remained her composure to keep their interactions merely professional. And in certain moments, she would not take biases.

Though it should be acknowledged that she was easily taken advantage of by Tony for letting his therapy sessions be enablers for his mafia activities. For that, Jennifer Melfi is easily a Hufflepuff for her amiability, tolerance, and unwariness. Other than that, she has a strong moral code.

Tony Soprano: Slytherin

Tony Soprano

A lot has been said about Tony Soprano for being a charismatic anti-hero. As the boss of the DiMeo crime family, Tony proved that he is a mafia figure who does not take disrespect easily. But in spite of his charismatic presence, devious nature, and lofty ambitions, he can be extremely sociopathic. With his arrogant attitude, violent tendencies, and callous behavior towards his family, Tony was a difficult figure to tolerate from in and out of his circle.

Easily, Tony would be a good candidate for Slytherin House. It is not only because of his malevolent exterior but also his melancholic views in life, from his childhood to his eventual fate.

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