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The Genius Better Call Saul Timeline Trick That Breaking Bad’s Next Spinoff Can’t Repeat

If another Breaking Bad spinoff does happen, it would have to be about Gus Fring, but this causes a major Better Call Saul prequel problem.


  •  Despite the fixed timeline of the Breaking Bad universe, focusing on Gus Fring is the best option for a future spin-off.
  •  Other character storylines have been wrapped up, leaving Gus Fring as the only character with unexplored potential.
  •  The show could use a future timeline like Better Call Saul to delve into Gus Fring’s story and provide more insight into his character.


There has been speculation around the possibility of more Breaking Bad spin-offs, but if this does happen the show can’t repeat Better Call Saul‘s genius timeline trick. The Breaking Bad universe is one of the most acclaimed TV franchises of all time, with both series being beloved by fans. Although another spin-off seems unlikely, the popularity of both shows means that anything is possible. However, there is another huge problem that the franchise would have to face if another Breaking Bad spin-off were to happen, as Better Call Saul has already used up the perfect Breaking Bad prequel trick.

Better Call Saul is the incredibly popular spin-off of Breaking Bad, with the series giving a greater insight into all kinds of original series characters like Saul Goodman, Mike Ehrmantraut, and Gus Fring. Although Better Call Saul tied up many of the loose ends from Breaking Bad, some fans have been clamoring for the series to branch out even further with another series. Fans have proposed spin-offs based on characters like Kim Wexler, Mike, and Jesse Pinkman, further developing the stories of these beloved Breaking Bad universe icons. However, there is one obvious choice if another Breaking Bad spin-off were to happen, but it would be hard to pull off.

Breaking Bad’s Proposed Gus Fring Spinoff Could Only Be A Prequel

Young Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad Flashback

Gus Fring is the overarching villain of the Breaking Bad franchise, and if another spin-off were to happen, it would probably be a prequel focused on him. Gus Fring appears in both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, and although he does have a lot of screentime in both shows, the villain still has an incredibly mysterious past that could be explored in another spin-off. Giancarlo Esposito’s performance is definitely deserving of his own show, and the spin-off already has an obvious story that can be built upon. However, a Gus Fring spin-off would have to be a prequel.

Gus Fring dies at the end of Breaking Bad, with the drug dealer’s conflict with Walter White coming to an explosive conclusion. Because of this, there couldn’t really be a Gus Fring spin-off that takes place after Breaking Bad in the same vein as El Camino, which focused on Jesse Pinkman. A Gus Fring show would have to either take place during or before the events of Breaking Bad, as there isn’t a story to tell after the death of Gus Fring. Although Better Call Saul was a great prequel, it used up most of the pre-Breaking Bad story, meaning that there wouldn’t be much to explore in Gus’ show.

How A Gus Fring Spinoff Could Still Have A “Future” Timeline

Walter White And Gus Fringe

Better Call Saul is more than a mere prequel, as the series actually has a future timeline. Better Call Saul‘s black and white scenes explore Saul Goodman’s time as Gene Takovic, with him living in Nebraska under a new identity after the events of Breaking Bad. These scenes are what made Better Call Saul excel in expanding the Breaking Bad universe, a unique trick that not many other prequels have pulled off. A Gus Fring spin-off would most likely want to recreate this trick, and although it’d be difficult, the show could also have a future timeline.

A Gus Fring prequel would most likely take place before the events of Better Call Saul, exploring Fring’s early days in the drug cartel. Because of this, the Gus Fring spin-off’s future timeline could take place during the events of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, giving more insight into what the character was up to. Although it would be hard to write more Gus Fring storylines that fit into the fixed timeline of the Breaking Bad universe, it is possible, with this being the only way to recreate Better Call Saul‘s genius timeline trick.

A Gus Fring Prequel Is Still Breaking Bad’s Best Future Spinoff (Despite The Fixed Timeline)

Gus Fring Breaking Bad Kids

Although Breaking Bad‘s timeline makes the show hard to pull off, focusing on Gus Fring is still the best path for Breaking Bad‘s future spin-off. Other Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul characters like Skylar White and Kim Wexler have had their stories mostly wrapped up. On top of that, they wouldn’t be connected to the drug cartel, which is a staple of the franchise. Jesse Pinkman’s ending has already been explored in the El Camino movie, leaving Gus Fring as the only viable option. Gus is the only character that still has story to explore, so if another Breaking Bad spin-off does happen, it’d have to be about him.

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