“The Chi” Recap: ‘The Spook Who Sat By The Door’

HOLLYWOOD—I could have sworn when I saw that teaser at the start of season four of “The Chi” that Keisha would have her baby during the season finale, but that is not happening and that makes things even more interesting to say the least. This week’s episode, ‘The Spook Who Sat by the Door’ opened with Douda, Marcus and Roselyn preparing for the big gala that was key to Chicago getting that bid for the Olympics. Marcus cared about this opportunity more than anyone else.

Tracy poked holes into Douda’s past about Trinity’s murder, where he played coy. In doing so she saw a side of him, that I would argue raised a few flags. Looks like Kevin and Jemma might be dunzo or she’s grappling with cheating on her boyfriend with his bestie. Jada was feeling a bit down, but Dre did her best to uplift her spirits. Emmett was starting to showcase his level of care for his mother in her time of need. Jake pushed Jemma to tell Kevin the truth about their relationship. It was odd to see Jake wanting to be the truth-teller and Jemma wanting to stay mum about things.

Nina was pressing Dre about taking Keisha to the hospital to deliver the baby versus doing a natural birth at home. Dre continued to lie to Nina about her whereabouts, which only continued to raise concerns for Nina to say the least. Rashad seemed annoyed with Imani, especially after learning that she was transgender. Yeah, this is about to create some major tension between Trig and Rashad to say the least people.

Keisha started to panic with the realization that she was about to give birth to a baby. Emmett was really taking his mother’s cancer diagnosis serious. He was scared of losing his mother and it was a moment to see that vulnerability from Emmett and Jada. Rashad was quite nervous for his job interview, and it turned out the interviewer was someone who knew his parents. Rashad was frustrated with the prospect that being an ex-con just makes it harder and harder to land a job when no one is willing to provide you an opportunity.

It is indeed the world we live in now America and it’s unfortunate to say the least. So all our primary players were getting dressed for the big gala and it was apparent it seems to be the stomping grounds for the major drama this season. Keisha started to experience contractions while at work and did her best to push thru, but it became apparent that things become more difficult with each moment that past. The tension became Kevin, Jake and Emma was so obvious people and Jemma’s jealously was all over her face as she spotted Jake flirting with another girl.

Jada, Dre, Nina and company did everything they could to keep Keisha calm as they prepared for the birth of her child. Trig had that conversation with Rashad about Imani and it led to friends causing a fracture in their relationship as he stood up for Imani and who she is. I’m afraid what Rashad might do realizing that the walls around him might be closing in. Douda was nervous about giving a big speech, after following up Tracy’s incredible speech.

Kevin went searching for Jemma and when he discovered Jake and Jemma kissing, it caused his mind to spiral. While Jemma and Jake are just flaunting their relationship like they didn’t just break Kevin’s heart. Imani called Tracy out on her speech, particularly omitting the important issues, just as Jake asked to bounce the event. So this is all leading to who shot Otis in his chest on the rooftop as we saw in that teaser at the start of the season.

Once again, Marcus seems jealous of Douda, and while I thought Roselyn was the obvious culprit, Marcus is starting to seem like a guilty party more and more people. Kevin was hyperventilating, as if he had been taking drugs or drinking heavily. Emmett was breaking down, as Darnell tried to get to the truth about why his son was spiraling out of control. Emmett dropped the bomb that Jada has cancer and broke down into tears in his father’s arms.

After much stress and pain, Keisha gave birth to a baby, however, the audience doesn’t know if it’s a boy or girl. Back at the big gala, Douda waited on the rooftop for Tracy, but instead came face-to-face with someone with a gun who fired at his chest and left him for dead. Things don’t look good for Douda people. Next week we learn Roselyn finds her hubby, Kevin and Jake get into the brawl and relationships are tested. Until next week “The Chi” lovers!

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