‘The Andy Griffith Show’: This Theory Explains the Real Reason Mayberry Was Such a Sleepy Town

Finally, we have someone who has helped solve a riddle to the quiet, sleepy nature of Mayberry on The Andy Griffith Show. Nothing really happens too much there (yeah right, wait for Otis to get to jail). Everyone goes about their business and keeps to themselves. Probably it’s because Sheriff Andy Taylor and Deputy Barney Fife are doing their jobs. They, of course, keep the riff-raff from making Mayberry a center for heavyweight crimes. Why in the world is the little city just so dang quiet? We turn our attention to Reddit for some help here. When you see the answer, you might just laugh out loud like others who have seen this as well.

Mercy. That’s quite a reason for the silence in the town created in the spirit of Andy Griffith’s beloved Mount Airy, N.C. But we are going to have to get ticky-tacky here for a minute. Some other Redditors have pointed out that Otis Campbell, yes Otis “My Man” Campbell, was hitched. A writer then asks who his wife was. Her name was Rita Campbell and would appear in an episode where Otis was impressing his brother. See, the dude came to Mayberry and Andy made Otis into a deputy for show.

There Actually Were Some Married Couples on ‘The Andy Griffith Show’

Then others have said Emmett of Emmett’s Fix-It Shop and even the mayor of Mayberry were married. Do we have to mention that Andy Taylor got married, too? It did happen as he and longtime flame Helen Crump tied the knot. But the wedding was not on The Andy Griffith Show. That ceremony took place on the spinoff Mayberry R.F.D. starring Ken Berry. Still, it does have a Mayberry twist, right? Someone else mentions the “Darling” girl in the comments thread. Yes, Charlene Darling, played by Maggie Peterson, did get married to Dud Wash.

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There were many people in Mayberry who were single or dating. You do remember Barney and his flame Thelma Lou heating things up? While we are talking about romance, lest we forget the “Fun Girls” who would stir up trouble. The Andy Griffith Show had its fair share of fun indeed. Married couples were there. Speaking of weddings, do you remember when old mountain scalawag Ernest T. Bass almost got married? He was quite interested in Charlene. Ernest T. did his best to get her attention.

One night, he decided to throw rocks through a window at their cabin. Charlene, Briscoe, and the Darling boys were hanging around with Andy and Barney. They’d just settled down for some sleep when Ernest T. stirred the pot. He sings to Charlene, but it doesn’t work out.

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