The ’90s X-Men Add A Mandalorian Team Member With This Flawless Cosplay

The '90s X-Men are a fan-favorite incarnation of this mutant team, and now in an epic cosplay, a Mandalorian x Rogue mashup becomes a new team member!

The X-Men’s ‘90s roster is often regarded as one of the best and most popular iterations of this diverse Marvel Comics team, and now in a truly stunning cosplay, they’ve just gotten a new member in the form of a Rogue x Mandalorian mashup! Leave it to cosplayers to once again give fans what they never knew they wanted because this is a look that needs to be seen to be believed.

Posted on Instagram by username @euphoria.bjc, Bridgett J is a cosplayer who specializes in bringing to life various nerd-related characters from the worlds of Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, Legend of Zelda, DC Comics, and more, all with flawless results. Also finding time to cosplay as multiple different versions of her favorite X-Men mutant, Rogue, Bridgett J deciding to combine her love for all things Rogue with the stylistic look of a Mandalorian from Star Wars fame is an inspired choice, to say the least, and one that fans will no doubt appreciate.

A people that hail from the planet Mandalore, Mandalorians are badass armor-covered warriors who have always been a part of Star Wars lore but are just now becoming even more popular after the launch of the successful and critically acclaimed Disney+ show, The Mandalorian. Holding ties to the fan-favorite characters of Boba Fett, Jango Fett, Sabine Wren, and more, Mandalorians also have some of the most visually appealing looks this side of Tatooine, making Bridgett J’s “Mandorogue” custom armor one of the coolest designs yet!

Right away selling the Mando part of the cosplay, Bridgett J is pictured clad head to toe in traditional-looking Mandalorian armor, just with a bit more wiggle room as her dynamic pose sees her light on her feet and ready for a fight. But that’s not all, because, upon further inspection, the Rogue elements of the costume come into play, as the general pattern, green and gold color scheme, and more bodysuit-like design all harken back to Rogue and her iconic ‘90s X-Men style, a perfect choice to add some crossover flair to an already impressive suit of armor.

So while the probability of the Star Wars and X-Men franchises crossing over for real will probably never happen, Bridgett J’s mashup costume proves it’d be pretty epic if they did. Star Wars’ Mandalorian people are already wildly cool characters from a galaxy far, far away, and now they’re even more so with a dash of the X-Men’s Rogue thrown into the mix!

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