The 10 Funniest Scenes In Game Of Thrones

Although Game Of Thrones is a dark fantasy series, several funny scenes cropped up.

No matter the opinion held of Game Of Thrones following its disappointing final season, it cannot be denied that the show was an emotional rollercoaster. It had intense drama and brutal fight scenes, but it also had plenty of comedy dotted around at appropriate points.

Funny scenes were never so intrusive as to make Game Of Thrones part of the comedy genre, but there were a handful of characters who could effortlessly make scenes lighter when they wanted to. Characters like Bronn, Tyrion, Tormund, and Davos had plenty of such scenes, but there were other characters that could give them a run for their money on occasion.

10 Arya Laughed At Everybody’s Misfortune Upon Learning Of Aunt Lysa’s Death

Arya Stark’s journey from a young, timid girl to a fierce and sadistic killer was quite remarkable. The journey didn’t provide too many laughs along the way, but her exploits with the Hound provided some funny moments. With the Hound desperate to deliver Arya to any remaining Starks for a reward fee, he took her to the Eyrie in the hopes that Arya’s Aunt Lysa would be there.

When a guard of the Vale met Arya and the Hound and informed them of Lysa’s death, Arya burst out laughing on the spot. It was an inappropriate response to the death of a family member, but she was laughing at how typical this situation was, both for her and the Hound.

Tyrion Made A Mockery Of His Trial At The Eyrie

Tyrion was one of a select few characters who would continually provide comic relief to pad out the unrelenting drama and conflict. While he had many of these, the most memorable was his trial at the Eyrie. Before he demanded a trial by combat, he pleaded his innocence in the presence of the lords and ladies of the Vale.

However, because he was not actually guilty of the attempted assassination of Bran Stark, he did not take it seriously. Instead, he recounted the “sins” he had committed as a child while everyone in attendance slowly began to realize that he was making a mockery of the situation.

Robert Baratheon Tortured Lancel Lannister As Ned Watched

Robert Baratheon wasn’t the best king for his few episodes in Game Of Thrones, but he certainly provided plenty of laughs. In “The Wolf and the Lion”, Ned desperately tried to prevent King Robert from entering the jousting tournament because he feared for Robert’s safety.

Robert stood there with his belly poking out through his shirt, and tormented Lancel Lannister continuously. He even sent him off in a hurry to fetch a breastplate stretcher, an item that simply did not exist. It is a funny scene that showcases Ned and Robert’s friendship through banter, and it’s also hilarious to watch Lancel squirm because he does not know how to respond.

Bronn Sniggering At Dickon’s Introduction Was A Funny Moment

When Bronn and Jaime Lannister met Randyll Tarly’s other son, it made for an amusing conversation. Bronn mistook his name for Rickon and Taryl’s son responded that his name is Dickon. This prompted Bronn to laugh without thinking, in turn making the audience join in.

Considering how proud Randyll Tarly was, and how Dickon did everything he could to emulate his father, having the likes of Bronn and Jaime mock him would have hurt. Nearly every single scene of Bronn’s is funny, and it can often be hard to choose between them.

Lady Olenna Verbally Obliterated The Sand Snakes

Lady Olenna Tyrell was a character whose brutal honesty was both admirable and hilarious. She would love to drop bombshells on unsuspecting people, regardless of whether they were strong personalities (such as Cersei Lannister).

One such outburst came at the expense of the Sand Snakes, the bastard daughters of Oberyn Martell. Olenna had traveled to Dorne to discuss strategy and a potential alliance against the Lannisters, but she only wanted to speak with Ellaria. The Sand Snakes were not particularly liked by the overall fanbase, so to see the iconic Olenna rip into them made for an especially enjoyable scene.

Davos Was Unable To Match Missandei’s Level Of Introductions

When Jon Snow finally met with Daenerys in season seven, it was such a long-awaited moment that fans didn’t know what to expect. Missandei gave Daenerys the proper introduction with her many names and titles. When Jon glanced at Davos to follow suit, his reply was short and sweet.

Davos said, “This is Jon Snow, he is King of the North.” This was not quite what Jon wanted or expected but it made for a hilariously awkward moment. It unintentionally gave Daenerys the upper hand in negotiations before Jon started to plead his case and speak for himself. Davos was another character who had several funny moments and scenes, but this is arguably one of the most memorable.

Edmure Introduced Himself To Game Of Thrones By Failing Spectacularly

Edmure Tully had it rough throughout Game Of Thronea. He was ridiculed by his family for his failures, imprisoned by the Freys after the Red Wedding, and mocked when he unironically put his name forward to be the new king.

His introduction to the show was not much better. The Tullys were being introduced at Hoster Tully’s funeral. Edmure was to keep with tradition and fire a flaming arrow to burn the body drifting out on a boat, but he continually missed his shots. It immediately showcased his incompetence and made an otherwise sad funeral scene rather funny.

Tyrion And Bronn’s Shock At Podrick’s Return From The Brothel

Podrick Payne is best remembered for being an optimistic and loyal companion for the likes of Tyrion, Bronn, and Brienne of Tarth. He started as a smart but clumsy squire, but managed to gain the respect and love of both the audience and those he worked with. When Tyrion thanked Pod for saving him at the Battle of Blackwater, Pod was treated to a visit to a brothel at Tyrion’s expense.

When Pod returned with a smile on his face and Tyrion’s money in hand, Bronn and Tyrion were perplexed and immediately demanded details. This scene was hilarious due to how quiet and unassuming Pod could be and it certainly made Bronn and Tyrion, two very misogynistic characters, respect him more.

The Childish Game Of Musical Chairs At The Small Council Meeting Was Brilliantly Awkward

Another funny scene from Tyrion came when he attended a council meeting at King’s Landing with a room full of those who hated him. It was the first meeting that had Tywin serving as the Hand of the King, so everybody was jostling for an ideal position at the table.

Cersei moved a chair to sit next to her father, so Tyrion noisily moved to place himself opposite Tywin. The beginning of the scene needed no dialogue to tell its own story. The facial expressions of everyone, including Varys, Littlefinger, and Pycelle, was plenty to carry this scene.

Tormund’s Appreciation Of Brienne Was Always Hilarious

Tormund started off as a complex villain. He was funny and entertaining, but also a threat to Jon and the Night’s Watch. However, after his capture and budding friendship with Jon, he became one of the most beloved characters of Game Of Thrones. He had no filter and little sense, meaning that most of what he said was often hilarious.

Tormund’s unspoken and unreturned appreciation of Brienne of Tarth were a recurring source of hilarity. Several scenes would show Tormund staring at Brienne with a huge grin while Brienne would ignore him. The best example of this came when Sansa and Jon had just been reunited at Castle Black and everyone sat exchanging awkward looks, offering comedic relief before the real conversations began. Tormund’s admiration of Brienne never faltered and he always respected her refusal, allowing these moments to be laughed at.

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