The 10 Funniest Quotes From The Mandalorian

Humor in The Mandalorian usually comes from Din while speaking to the adorable Grogu, but other characters have hilarious quotes too.

There appears to be a lot of debate in the pop-culture zeitgeist about humor in big franchises and how it has different roles in the likes of DC, Marvel, and Star Wars. There is no doubt that the latter has its own brand, and the hit Disney+ show The Mandalorian is no different, having great humor sprinkled throughout by way of physical comedy through Grogu and even quotes from many characters.

These usually come from Din Djarin (the titular Mandalorian) and other characters while speaking to the adorable Grogu, but there are other quotes too that are hilarious either for becoming memes or for having deeper meanings that make them funny to a large portion of fans.

The Show’s Biggest Meme

“I Have Spoken.” – Kuiil

One of the most iconic quotes from The Mandalorian is this line from Nick Nolte’s Kuiil. As soon as he first uttered the words, it became a bit of a phenomenon within the fandom.

On its own, the quote is not hugely funny. The delivery and attitude of Kuiil do give it a bit of comedic levity, but it is more so the fact that the quote became such a meme that makes this line hilarious in hindsight and one of the show’s best.

The Client Is All Of Us

“I Would Like To See The Baby.” – The Client

When Werner Herzog’s incredible voice delivered this line, he gave Star Wars fans one of the most relatable quotes in the franchise’s history, and that reliability is what makes it funny.

The quote has, of course, been memed time and time again which adds to the hilarity. But, it is the fact that every fan watching The Mandalorian has this same feeling every time they watch the show that makes this quote so great.

A New IG-11

“Would Anyone Care For Some Tea?” – IG-11

One of the most unexpected things to happen in The Mandalorian was the return of IG-11 after his apparent death at the hands of Din in the show’s premiere. It turned out to be a great move, though, as the character became a hilarious and even emotionally important hero.

His funniest moment may well be his return when he announces his purpose and casually offers Din tea as if Din had not shot him in the head at their last meeting. The surprise factor and Din’s reaction add to the moment, with Taika Waititi’s always-hilarious delivery helping to make it so memorable.

Is Frog Lady Her Official Title?

“Sorry, Lady, I Don’t Speak Frog.” – Din Djarin

The entire ordeal with the ‘Frog Lady’ at the start of season 2 turned out to be a surprisingly sweet story that did lead well into Din’s main story of season 2, leading him to Bo-Katan and, subsequently, Ahsoka, etc. It also gave fans some great moments like this funny one.

Din has so many fantastic lines in the show that are not presented as jokes necessarily but are hilarious, with him showing frustration or giving a deadpan delivery that makes the quote so laugh out loud worthy. This is one of his many fondly remembered quotes in the show and one of his funniest, especially since the canon has still not specifically identified the species of ‘Frog Lady.’

Din Really Tries To Understand

“This Is The ‘Seeing Stone.’ … Are You Seeing Anything?” – Din Djarin

While Din is aware of his purpose in finding Grogu’s people, he is hardly a capable mentor to a potential Jedi/Force-user like Grogu and does not fully understand the details of who the Jedi are, nor what the Force is, and one of the many moments this becomes clear is at the seeing stone.

Din delivers this hilarious line after bringing Grogu to the stone and shows that, despite his immense intelligence, Din is not too caught up in the finer nuances of the Force. As usual, Pedro Pascal’s delivery is on point, and this would likely be how any character would react to the stone if they were not Force-sensitive.

Prequel Fans Know

“Let’s Just Say They Might Recognize My Face.” – Boba Fett

Since his return, Boba Fett has proved himself to be quite the funny character, with his “Like a Bantha” quote from The Book Of Boba Fett standing out especially. This line, though, is also pretty damn funny.

Boba is, of course, saying this because he shares a face with the clones, for prequel and Clone Wars fans, this is a great and funny reference. It is even funnier given that the other characters like Din likely have no idea what he is talking about. It is like an inside joke Boba and the writers are having with the audience.

Petulant Scout Troopers

“That’s More Than I Got To See It.” – Scout Trooper

There are few characters as simultaneously hatable yet so hilarious – who manage to achieve that status in as short a time – as the two scout troopers who capture Grogu in season 1.

Their entire conversation as they await orders is hilarious, as are their pathetic attempts to shoot a piece of garbage on the ground, but this may be the funniest line. It showcases the stupidity and incompetency wonderfully, and it shows them to be almost childlike. Seeing one trooper frustrated that they cannot see Grogu as the other trooper prevents him from doing so is still one of the show’s funniest scenes.

Din Trying His Best As A Dad

“Hey, Spit That Out!” – Din Djarin

Some of the cutest and also most hilarious moments in The Mandalorian are when Grogu is stuffing his face, whether that be with stolen macarons, children, or frogs.

These moments become even funnier when Din hits out with fatherly lines like this, giving Grogu into trouble for eating things he should not be eating. Since he is many people’s favorite character no fan can be mad at him, nor can Din. Seeing Din try to be a father to Grogu is one of the best and sweetest aspects of the show and is where much of the show’s comedy comes from.

But Grogu Never Listens

“Stop Touching Things.” – Din Djarin

Despite being fifty years old, Grogu is a child and acts like such throughout the show. This is not just through his thinking with his stomach, but by his constant curiosity and touching things.

Another instance of Din trying to parent Grogu is when he tells him to stop touching things within the Razor Crest to pretty much no avail. The cuteness of Grogu adds to the humor of moments like these, as does Din’s desperate attempts to stay calm and try to be a father, something he has clearly never done before.

That’s Not How The Force Works

“Come On, Baby, Do The Magic Hand Thing!” – Greef Karga

There are few characters who appear in The Mandalorian who display any understanding of the Force and its users. There is Ahsoka, Luke, Bo-Katan, and the Armorer, and that is about it. So, it is no wonder that nobody really knows how Grogu’s powers work.

That confusion leads to the show’s funniest quote from Greef Karga. Knowing that  Grogu can wave his hand and make magical things happen, Karga pleas with Grogu to do so and get them out of a dire situation. Grogu’s adorable reaction when he simply waves back at Karga is amazing. Even though Grogu healed Karga, at this point, he is not in control of his powers, but at least he is doing the best he can.

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