Sophia Loren knew exactly what to do when she met Elvis – and she wasted no time

ELVIS PRESLEY AND SOPHIA LOREN were the two hottest new stars in the world when they met in 1958. The Italian siren knew exactly what to do with the King of Rock and Roll.

They were two of the hottest stars in the world, one shaking up Hollywood and the other revolutionising music and about to put his own mark on the silver screen. Just two years earlier, in 1956, Elvis’ debut single, Heartbreak Hotel, hit the top spot on the charts and was swiftly followed that year by his first movie, Love Me Tender. Three more Hollywood musicals followed, Loving You, Jailhouse Rock and Kid Creole, powered by his talent, good looks and shocking (at the time) physicality. At the same time, Sophia Loren was also causing a stir among American audiences with her exotic looks and European sexuality. What happened when the two sexiest people in the world met?

At the time Elvis was just 23 years old and preparing to leave the US for two years to complete his mandatory military service in Germany.

He was dating Hollywood starlet Anita Wood, who he would later leave for Priscilla Beaulieu. Throughout his life – whether in a relationship, married or not – The King constantly flirted and dallied with any beautiful women who crossed his path.

In February 1958, he was filming Kid Creole on the Paramount movie lot when he spotted sexy Italian star Sophia. Years later, she described how it all started.

Elvis and Sophia Loren met in 1958

Elvis and Sophia Loren met in 1958 (Image: GETTY)

Sophia Loren was one of the hottest stars in the world when she met Elvis

Sophia Loren was one of the hottest stars in the world when she met Elvis (Image: GETTY )

The iconic actress talked to Jonathan Ross at a special live event about their encounter. Scroll down to watch the video.

Sophia said: “He was sitting in a little corner and I was doing another picture in Paramount and he said, ‘Sophia, Sophia, come, come. I want to tell you something.’

“I went and he said, ‘Sit, sit here, I will do a picture with you.’”

She patted her lap to demonstrate and added: “We did four or five pictures together, just like this.”

Those images have become famous and Sophia revealed that decades later fans still send them to her house to be autographed.

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