Sophia Loren in her youth and now: secrets of youth and beauty

Sophia Loren in her youth won all of their beauty and temperament. The actress managed, as they say, “aging with dignity”. And even now she remains an attractive woman. As he began his ascent to the podium the audience favorite and the secret to her ageless beauty?

How old is Sophia Loren? The parameters of the actress

The Real name of Sophie – Shikolone. The future actress was born in Rome in 1934 For the sign of the zodiac she is a virgin.

Sophia Loren youngSophia Loren in her youth was distinguished by a perfect figure. It always set an example to other ladies, because the proportions of the actress resembled a perfect hourglass. According to some sources, the volumes of Lauren in centimeters expressed in the following figures: 96-61-96. 50 years has decreased the size of the chest, and the waist is still incredibly thin. In 2016, the artist was 82.

Sophia Loren young

Sophie conquered the world with your hot Italian temper. This is not surprising, because Lauren grew up near Naples. Her childhood was spent in an ordinary fishing village, where everyone called tall and skinny girl ‘sleep”. It’s a little insulted the young lady. Apparently to prove to everyone that she could not “sleep”, but the real beauty, Sophie went to a beauty contest and won it.

Sophia Loren nowSome time Later, the future artist wins the contest “Miss”. Sophia Loren in her youth had already earned the highest titles and knew how to achieve them. In one of the competitions prompt the person tempted a movie producer, despite the fact that he was 22 years older. So, Sophie started to get the first prominent roles. And before that she starred only in tiny episodes. For example, she appeared in the following films: “Voice”, “heart of the sea” with Marcello Mastroianni, “Toto Tarzan” or “the Six wives of Bluebeard”.

First film

Since 1953, Carlo Ponti began serious promotion of Sophia Loren. Movies with her participation at first it was erotic, and she was the diva appeared on the screen half-naked. A vivid example of a painting “white slave Trade” Director Luigi Comencini. Sophia Loren in this film for the first time received a strong supporting role. But it did not suit her, she wanted to be first.

 Sophia Loren moviesAfter the role of Leonora in tape «Favorite» Lauren finally got the lead role. In the film, Clemente Fracassi, she was entrusted to play the Ethiopian slave Aida. Speaks for itself the name of the following film – “Two nights with Cleopatra”, where the rising star has played the Queen of Egypt.

The 54-th, Loren began to gain momentum. Feature film “Hello” with Anthony Quinn she played a major role. In the film “Poverty and nobility” Lauren appeared in the image of the ballerina Gemma, which falls to the noble Lord. In the same year played a major role in the tapes “it is a Pity that you’re a slut” by Alessandro Blasetti and “Woman of the river” Mario Soldati. And then Lauren was selected for the role, which almost made it to the top of the film industry.

Finest hour of film

Nobody even thought about how old is Sophia Loren, when he invited the actress to play Mature Italian women. Succeeded the role of people from the people: a typical Neapolitan shopkeeper and wife of fishermen-that’s who she watched in his childhood. Brisk Neapolitan performed by Lauren like the Director Vittorio de sica. And she became his favorite actress. It is in the films of de sica Sophie played her best role.

how old is Sophia LorenIn 1960, Lauren first got “Oscar” for his work in the drama «Czochra”, where she appeared together with Jean-Paul Belmondo. It was a precedent in the history of film, as Sophie became the first foreign actress award. Four years later, another film produced by Vittorio de sica with the participation of Lauren received the «Oscar». We are talking about Comedy “Yesterday, today, tomorrow”. And tape “Marriage Italian style” in ‘ 64 he was nominated for “Oscar”, won the «Golden globe» and the main prize of the Moscow film festival.

Lauren’s Popularity grew with each passing year. In 1970 she played in the melodrama, Vittorio de sica “Sunflowers”, which was filmed in the USSR. In the same strip took part, Marcello Mastroianni, Lyudmila Savelyeva (“headless Horseman”) and Gunnar Zilinski. By this time Sophie was a star of world renown, which shone even in Hollywood.

Career in Hollywood

In 1957, began its ascent in Hollywood Sophia Loren. Figure (young, Lauren had ideal proportions), attractiveness and style made very popular in Italian “dream factory”. To sign a contract with a European sex symbol managed two production companies: Paramount Pictures and MGM.

Sophia Loren figure in his youthHollywood divas debut was the picture of ‘Pride and passion” Stanley Kramer. Partners Sophie on the set was the legendary Frank Sinatra and charming Cary Grant. In order to participate in the Comedy “Heller in pink tights” George cukor Lauren even went blonde. The film has acquired a specialpopularity, but Lauren received a fee of one million dollars and a wonderful partner Anthony Quinn.

In 1967 the famous Italian artist got quite a colorful role: Charlie Chaplin invited her to play Russian prostitute in his Comedy “the Countess from Hong Kong”. And Sophie agreed. How could she refuse when she was offered a role of Chaplin himself, as a partner on the set was supposed to be Marlon Brando? Indeed, Sophia Loren is something to remember because it has worked with all leading actors of the “dream factory” of the time. The woman had on-screen Duo, even with Clark Gable in the film “It started in Naples». The last time in Hollywood Sophie starred in the 2009 Rob Marshall project “Nine”. In this tape was also attended by celebrities such as Marion Cotillard, Daniel day-Lewis, Nicole Kidman, and others.

Personal life

The Actress Sophia Loren, in spite of many worthy men, from the age of 15 was in love with only one person: your producer and future husband Carlo Ponti. They met when the young Shikolone rushed to Rome with the dream of a great movie. Ponti was then a novice producer. He gave the young statistics some practical advice, and after a while she knocked out a major role.

actress Sophia LorenIt is not known how romantic was the relationship between Sophie and Carlo to 1956, He was married to the same violent Catholic, so couldn’t afford a divorce. But after Lauren began a whirlwind romance with Hollywood actor Grant, Carlo realized that the time had come for decisive action.

In 57-m pair is finally legalized relationship. Until 1969, Lauren tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant: four times she had a miscarriage. The actress still managed to realize his dream to life: she gave birth to Carlo Ponti two sons. One of them was the conductor, the other – Director. Carlo and Sophie lived together for 50 years, and in 2007 the producer died.

Main achievements Actresses

All over the world know the name Sophia Loren. Films with the actress repeatedly nominated for “Oscar” and other awards. The artist has won Hollywood awards twice. The role of Sophia Loren in the most part was bright and memorable: film stars played more than a hundred. The artist is a Knight of the Grand cross. This order she received for his services to Italy.

Beauty Secrets

the role of Sophia LorenSophia Loren now lives in Switzerland. She’s still beautiful as twenty or thirty years ago. Journalists, the actress constantly elicit the secrets of its appeal. Sophie is willing to communicate on this subject, claiming to be against plastic surgery and not never resorted to surgery. She says the secret to her gorgeous appearance in a positive mood, prolonged sleep, healthy eating, etc.

But “tales” a respected film star, hard to believe. Have Sophia Loren now, at 80 years, completely missing the chin, on the face are clearly distinguished cheekbones, and wrinkles are barely noticeable. Such data can show a woman with very good genetics in 60 years. And 80 to have a perfect appearance through proper diet and sleep is simply impossible. An explanation suggests itself: repeated tightening procedures Sophia Loren still did. But that is not important. Film star has maintained a youthful passion and zest for life – that’s the main thing!

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