Seinfeld: 10 Times The Characters Ruined Each Other’s Relationships

The main gang in Seinfeld break up with their significant others for many reasons, and sometimes its due to interference by one of their friends.

Jerry, Kramer, Elaine, and George have gone through their fair share of breakups in Seinfeld. Some breakups are entirely of the main characters’ own volition after realizing that their dates aren’t the right person for them. But when taking a look at their relationships, some breakups were also the result of influence from their friends.

A small remark here and there has had Jerry, Elaine, or even George looking at their girlfriends or boyfriends differently. It was smooth sailing until the other character shattered the illusion of the relationship going well. These remarks have made characters like George go into a frenzy of overthinking, leading him to make some grave mistakes.

10The Dockers Commercial Girl

In “The Phone Message,” Jerry starts dating a woman named Donna, and at his apartment, they have a small debate over a Dockers commercial. This little fight leads Jerry to lose some interest in her, eventually becoming just one of the many hilarious reasons Jerry breaks up with a girlfriend. But at first, he continues seeing her for a while. Then, he makes the mistake of telling George how Donna loves the commercial, and they both find it bizarre.

George ultimately forces Donna’s hand in calling it quits with Jerry. When George arrives at Jerry’s apartment, Donna is there and so he strikes up a conversation. He immediately mentions that he knows her because Jerry mentioned that she likes the commercial. Donna becomes offended that Jerry told George and George immediately tries to cover for himself, but ultimately, it’s the end for the couple.

9Elaine’s Boyfriend And The Vodka Cranberry

Elaine starts secretly dating someone at work in “The Red Dot.” And the reason why Elaine breaks up with him is Jerry’s fault, but not intentionally. At a company party, one of the best Seinfeld episodes about parties, Elaine asks Jerry to watch over her vodka cranberry to make sure that her boyfriend, Dick, doesn’t drink it. Dick recently stopped drinking and is in recovery from his addiction.

But Jerry didn’t realize how serious Elaine was, especially since she didn’t tell him why he needed to keep an eye on it. The cup remains unattended on the table and Dick mistakes it for his drink. Because of this, Dick breaks his no-drinking streak and falls off the wagon, which leads to Elaine breaking up with him.

8Jerry & Elaine’s Obsession With Sidra’s Chest

Many fans recall the episode where Jerry is unsure of whether or not his girlfriend’s, Sidra’s, breasts are real. But the only reason why Jerry is questioning this is because of Elaine. Elaine meets Sidra at the gym with Jerry and she can’t help but blurt out that she thinks her breasts are “fake.” Later on in the sauna, Elaine is even more convinced.

Elaine couldn’t have foreseen the aftermath of her simple comment. At Jerry’s apartment, Jerry tells Elaine that the relationship is over just because of what Elaine said. The situation gets more complicated when Elaine remeets Sidra at the sauna and accidentally falls on her chest. Jerry dates her again, but it ultimately fails when Sidra realizes that Elaine is friends with Jerry.

7Mrs. Costanza & The Furniture Shop

Leave it up to Mrs. Costanza to accidentally ruin George’s new fling. Mrs. Costanza has had her memorable moments on the show, but one of them just so happened to ruin George’s image with the woman he’s dating. George takes his parent’s coffee table to a furniture refinishing store after he accidentally stains it. There, he meets a beautiful woman and “gets lucky.” This is the episode that contains the classic Costanza family moment with the prophylactic wrapper.

George’s luck runs out when Mrs. Costanza meets the woman at the store while bringing in the same coffee table and George’s fabricated lie unravels. The woman learns from Mrs. Costanza that George lives at home with his parents, and that spells the end for George’s romance.

6Audrey’s Nose

The episode where George’s girlfriend, Audrey, gets a nose job is one of the more memorable episodes in the show and Audrey was arguably one of George’s girlfriend’s we’d all love to date. Taking a closer look, though, George’s deteriorating relationship with Audrey was all because of Kramer. The characters, insensitively and shallowly, all have feelings about Audrey’s nose, but they keep quiet about it.

But leave it to Kramer, who tells Audrey that she’s a beautiful woman but just needs a nose job. This comment makes Audrey go under the knife, but George soon breaks it off when the surgery doesn’t go how he thought it would. The whole thing wouldn’t have happened if Kramer had stayed quiet. In the end, Audrey gets it redone and dates Kramer.

5George, Kramer & Tony

Did George and Kramer cause Tony to fall during rock climbing? Technically, yes they did. Elaine starts dating a much younger guy named Tony. She becomes the butt of Jerry’s jokes, but George is fascinated by him and his carefree lifestyle. George starts hanging out with him and is invited to go rock climbing, and to George’s disgruntlement, Kramer tags along.

While suspended on the mountain, George and Kramer start to bicker. They ignore Tony’s call to secure his line, leading him to plummet. Because of George and Kramer’s mistake, Tony suffers severe injuries to his face. In the end, Elaine shows her superficiality once again and breaks up with him, making it one of Elaine’s many unjustified breakups.

4The Close Talker

It sometimes takes a small comment to change the way people look at each other. Fans can agree that Elaine’s ex, Aaron, was a really nice guy with a good heart. If it weren’t for Jerry, their relationship might have lasted longer. Elaine is absolutely smitten with Aaron, but Jerry lets slip that he has one flaw.

Aaron is a super close talker – which Elaine never noticed. This causes a downwards spiral, as Elaine starts noticing other issues, for example, Aaron’s immense generosity towards the Seinfeld’s. Aaron’s extreme kindness and interest in the Seinfeld’s and his close-talking habit have Elaine break up with him.

3George, The Bad Boy

In “The Little Kicks,” Elaine becomes the head of the J. Peterman catalog. One of her female coworkers, Anna, becomes smitten with George and comically thinks he is a renegade bad boy. Fans, of course, know that George is anything but. Throughout the episode, Elaine tries to constantly thwart their relationship and dates, but it only eggs Anna on to keep seeing George.

By the end of the episode, Elaine is the one to ruin George’s chances with Anna. Elaine realizes she has no business meddling in her coworker’s life and calls George so he can hear her tell Anna how much of a great guy he is. Because of this, George is no longer seen as a bad boy. George tries to rectify his image and tells Anna he’s a bootlegger. This only ends with George at the police station and Elaine getting into a fight with Frank Costanza.

2The Hot & Heavy Saxophone Guy

Jerry had a huge slip-up in “The Rye” episode. Elaine starts dating a great guy named John Germaine, who is a well known saxophone player. The relationship isn’t perfect, as Elaine says he doesn’t do everything in the bedroom. Regardless, Elaine really likes him and he’s “sponge-worthy,” but their relationship takes a huge hit because of Jerry.

Jerry runs into Germaine’s friend, who is also a musician, and tells him that Germaine and Elaine’s relationship is “hot and heavy.” Because of this, Germaine gets too in over his head for Elaine’s liking and she sets the record straight. Knowing that they really weren’t “hot and heavy,” Germaine plays poorly at the club as Elaine sneaks out.

1George & The Model

Kramer is stunned to learn that George landed a model as his girlfriend in “The Switch.” George is over the moon that Nina is gorgeous and, like him, loves eating food like there’s no tomorrow. George does question how she maintains her figure and Kramer swoops in, haphazardly mentioning that maybe Nina has an eating disorder.

This simple suggestion creates a huge shadow of doubt for George, and rather than being concerned for her well being, he goes as far as following Nina into the bathroom during a dinner date. He mistakes another woman who is merely sick to her stomach for Nina. In reality, Nina was in the bathroom brushing her hair and the whole thing leads to their demise.

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