Robert De Niro Shares Update on Devastating Leg Injury After Filming Martin Scorsese’s ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’

While filming in Oklahoma recently, legendary actor Robert De Niro injured his leg on the set of Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon.

The 77-year-old apparently tore his quadriceps in his leg in a rather mundane way. De Niro wasn’t running around or doing anything out of character when the injury happened. In fact, he said he was simply “stepping over something” while on set.

The two-time Academy Award winner shared an update on his injury with IndieWire where he called the injury “excruciating.” However, the Godfather Part II actor isn’t about to let the injury slow him down.

“I tore my quad somehow,” Robert De Niro said to IndieWire. “It’s just a simple stepping over something and I just went down. The pain was excruciating and now I have to get it fixed. But it happens, especially when you get older, you have to be prepared for unexpected things. But it’s manageable.”

The iconic actor seems to be taking his leg injury in stride regardless of the pain. He called his role in Scorsese’s new film “sedentary” and emphasized the fact that he doesn’t have “move around a lot.” In addition, De Niro has already had a procedure done to fix the tear. He says he needs to keep his leg in a certain position, but past that he’ll be able to carry on.

“What I’m doing with Scorsese in Killers of the Flower Moon, I’m pretty much a sedentary character in a way. I don’t move around a lot, thank God. So we’ll manage,” De Niro added. “I just have to get the procedure done and keep it straight in a certain position and let it heal.”

Robert De Niro’s Injury Supposedly Won’t Delay Production

In a way, Robert De Niro suffered the leg injury at a good time production-wise. Supposedly a representative for the actor told PEOPLE that his injury will not delay the movie’s production.

De Niro traveled back to his home in New York City on Thursday to seek medical treatment. He already had a three-week break from filming scheduled to begin that day. Therefore as long as there are not setbacks, De Niro should be able to return on time and continue on.

“While at his on-location home in Oklahoma for the filming of Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon, Robert De Niro injured his quadriceps muscle which will be treated medically in New York,” the rep said in a statement. “This will not affect production as he was not scheduled to film again for another three weeks.”

Killers of the Flower Moon is based on David Grann’s book of the same name. It’s set in 1920s Oklahoma and revolves around the Reign of Terror, which is the given name of unsolved serial murders of the oil-wealthy Osage Nation. De Niro plays William Hale in the drama that is based on a true story.

Hollywood A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio co-stars as De Niro’s nephew Ernest Burkhart. The movie is scheduled to premiere later this year. It will be the 10th movie De Niro and Scorsese have worked on together. The pair’s relationship dates back to 1973 when the actor starred in Scorsese’s classic Mean Streets. The two men have created cinematic gold together for almost half a century. Some of their other collaborations include 1976’s Taxi Driver, 1980’s Raging Bull, 1990’s Goodfellas, and their most recent Netflix film, 2019’s The Irishman.

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