Pokemon Unite Leak Reveals New Pokemon and Modes

Leaks of Pokemon Unite indicate that some new legendary Pokemon will soon become playable, as well as a unique new game mode.

The Pokemon franchise’s first-ever foray into the MOBA genre, Pokemon Unite, continues to be a hit ever since its launch in Summer of last year. Plenty of fan-favorite creatures have been added to the game which all fill a unique role, offering something for Pokemon fans, hardcore MOBA players, and a mix of the two. This ranges from classic creatures such as the Kanto region’s Charizard, Pikachu, and Blastoise, to the ones introduced in later generations such as Hoopa.

It’s no surprise that Pokemon Unite is also consistently being updated as time goes on, with new characters for fans to try in the game. The latest addition to Pokemon Unite’s lineup was Azumarill, which expands the roster to over 30 different playable Pokemon. Not only that, new cosmetics, features and modes have also been added, such as a Deathmatch mode known as “Fury” being introduced when Hoopa was added. The game will be adding yet another mode to the game soon, as well as a few new Pokemon.

According to Pokemon Unite dataminers, this will be a new game mode that will utilize playable wild Pokemon. Reliable dataminer ElChicoEevee posted a tweet that shows off various UI assets that indicate that players will be able to catch these wild Pokemon and control them. Some of the images shown are various moves that can be used in Pokemon Unite, which are typically shown in the game’s HUD. These show off skills for Pokemon such as Tauros, Ludicolo, Drednaw, and even legendary Pokemon such as Articuno and Regigigas.

In a series of separate tweets by sobbleunitedtm, they posted various videos of these leaked Pokemon being playable, noting that they are only controllable in the leaked mode. This includes animations for these creatures. These nine videos can be found on the user’s Twitter page, showing off the various skills that can be used by legendary Pokemon such as Articuno, Zapdos, and Regigas. It appears that this Pokemon Unite game mode will only be available in Mer Stadium, the location where players can engage in Quick Matches.

Finally, a completely separate datamine regarding the latest update to Pokemon Unite indicated which playable creatures will be coming next. This datamine notes that they will be Delphox and Sylveon, both Pokemon hailing from the Kalos Region. This is supported by Pokemon Unite’s official Twitter account teasing a playable Eeveelution with a recent tweet, though this is only speculation for the time being.

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