Pokemon Fan Has Been Adding a Pikachu to This Drawing for 137 Days

A dedicated Pokemon fan creates a piece of art with a new Pikachu added to the canvas every single day for months on end.

There’s plenty of ways to pay tribute to one’s favorite game, and Pokemon fans know it well. Pokemon fans regularly produce amazing fanart in wildly varying mediums, and some are so committed to the act that they make it a daily part of their lives.

While creating a new piece of fanart daily is a pretty common thing among fan artists, some choose to keep modifying existing pieces over a prolonged period of time. Now one artist has shown others what it looks like when someone spends 137 days adding Pikachu to a piece of art.

Redditor PaulDrawsArt took to the social media site to share their latest creation; a large drawing absolutely chock-full of Pikachu. PaulDrawsArt reports they spent 137 days on the art, and shared it in the form of a stop-motion recording so that fans can see the Pikachu gradually accumulate. At first it’s standard Pikachu joining the drawing, but gradually more and more interesting variants appear.

The one that will catch fans’ eyes first is likely the Dynamax version of Pikachu, which suddenly pops into existence a few seconds into the video. However, those with a careful eye can spot a lot of unique Pikachu, including Pikachu Libre, Ash’s Pikachu, and even Detective Pikachu. There’s even new creations and Easter eggs in the picture, like a Where’s Waldo-styled Pikachu.

Over the course of the recording, Pikachu is also joined by other Pokemon associated with the Electric-type. Surfer Alolan Raichu, Marill, Mimikyu, and Plusle and Minun all make an appearance, among others. It’s a bit chaotic, and fans seem to love it for that. Fans seem particularly appreciative of the fanart because it’s not PaulDrawsArt’s first foray into game fanart, or even timelapse art adding a Pokemon daily. They’ve previously created fanart of Wooper, Vulpix, and Lotad for over 100 days each, adding one instance of the chosen pocket monster per day.

Pokemon continues to delight fans young and old on a daily basis, and fan artists like this one help to keep it relevant between releases. Some fans have gone beyond the 2D canvas, creating things like crocheted Pokemon and Pokemon crossstitch projects taking eight years, making it clear that many still genuinely love the series. With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s release coming later this year, it’s likely that the fan fervor will only intensify from here on out. Newly revealed Pokemon, in particular, will likely see the launch of myriads of new fanart, and the community is eager to see it.

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